Bank of India Fixed deposit interest rates

Bank of India provides higher interest rates for Fixed deposits. For a standard amount of less than a crore (which is the amount the major chunk of public invest being commoners), it offers the interest rates which are better than other banks.

The interest rate is 9 percent for a period of 1-5 years (even above 5 years) which can be considered good by less term investors and not so good by comparatively higher term investors because for just an year 9 percent is not bad at all but for 5 years it is considerably less.

For state bank of India: Sbi Fixed deposit Interest rates

Nevertheless, the rates offered are huge enough which compensate very well with the lack of liquidity prevailing with FDs. The rates are far greater than savings account interest rates in all the cases.

Bank of India interest rates for deposits less than one Crore

Bank of India Fixed deposit chart

Short Table of Fixed deposit interest Rate for Bank Of India

Name Of Bank 6 Month -1 Year 1-2 Years 2-3 Years 3-5 Years Above 5 years
Bank of India 8.00% 9.05% 9.05% 9.05% 8.75-9.05%

These were Bank of India FD interest rates details. You can also compare it with all other Indian Banks Banks interest rates.

To get details in depth, check out official bank website link @

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