Canara Bank Fixed deposit interest rates

Canara bank provides decent interest rates to its investors for fixed deposits. For a year the maximum interest rate is 8.50 percent but for over a year, it’s 9 and slightly over 9 in a few cases. If carefully observed, the interest rates are less for over 5 years.

The rates are even less in some cases as they approach the maximum tenure of 10 years, this is because of the estimation of repo rates which might fall in a few years.

Dena bank Fixed deposit interest rates 2014

So, the bank keeps the scope of these declining rates and puts the interest rates slightly low as a fallback security in long term cases ranging from 5 to 10 years. Interest Rates for Canara bank saving account is 4% same like other Indian Banks.

Short Canara Bank FD Rates Table

Name Of Bank 6 Month -1 Year 1-2 Years 2-3 Years 3-5 Years Above 5 years
Canara Bank 7.40% 9.05% 9.05% 9.05% 9.05%

Full Table Canara Bank Fixed deposit interest rates

Canara Bank Fixed deposit interest rates chart

From Tables, you can understand Canara Bank provides high interest rates for the duration above 6 months. For more details regarding canara bank fixed deposit interest rates visit @

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