Latest HDFC Bank Fixed deposit interest rates 2014

For all the general depositors who wish to invest at most one Crore, HDFC bank offers the computation of amount and return over your investment on quarterly basis. For a period less than half a year, it is calculated at maturity as simple interest (i.e. at the end).

For a period longer than 6 months the amount is calculated every quarter, and taken as a principal for next quarter i.e. the amount is compounded quarterly.

Union Bank of India Fixed Deposit interest rates 2014

For 1-5 years of investment, the interest rate offered is same throughout which is 8.75 percent with an additional 0.50 percent for senior investors.

hdfc fd rates

For investments over 5 years, the rates fall because of the uncertain repo rates. The bank has to keep this room for losses which may occur in future due to these declining rates.

Vijaya Bank Fixed deposit interest rates 2014

Short Table for HDFC Fixed deposit Interest rates:

Name Of Bank 6 Month -1 Year 1-2 Years 2-3 Years 3-5 Years Above 5 years
HDFC Bank 8.75% 8.75% 8.75% 8.75% 8.25%

From Table, you can observe that HDFC provides higher fd rates for higher period fixed deposits. To get more details visitors are advised to visit official website for HDFC FD details. Hope,  you liked HDFC fixed deposit interest rates details.

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