ICICI Bank Fixed deposit interest rates 2013

FDs attract investors because of the highly impressive interest rates it promises in return of lack of liquidity prevailing with them. The people get easily lured by these extremely profitable schemes which come with FDs so much so that they fall for it.

Falling here turns out to be a boon unlike it is in shopping sometimes. ICICI bank provides 7-7.25 percent interest rates for 6 months to one year and a maximum of 9 percent for 1-2 years if investment. The rate falls once again over 2 years to 8.75 percent only which is a little less as compared to other banks which provide greater interest rates for the same tenure or may be same amount.

Short Table For ICICI Bank Fixed deposit Interest rates:

Name Of Bank 6 Month -1 Year 1-2 Years 2-3 Years 3-5 Years Above 5 years
ICICI Bank 7.00-7.25% 7.50-9.00% 8.75% 8..75% 8.50%

From Short ICICI FD Table, ICICI bank provides higher fixed deposits rates for higher period deposits.

Full Table For ICICI Bank Fd interest rates

icici bank fd rates
For saving accounts, ICICI bank provides 4% interest rates like other Top Indian Banks. You can see more details about ICICI fixed deposit interest rates from ICICI official website.