Know PayPal Exchange Rate With PayPal Currency Converter

Paypal facilitates payments in multiple currencies considering members from across the world. You can get to know the currency exchange rates at the time or before the time of payment. The exchange rates by PayPal differ from actual current exchange rates but still can be used as a reference.

There may arise ambiguities in your mind after seeing the actual current rates for instance 1USD=46 INR but on PayPal it might be 45 INR. The difference might seem small but for bigger amounts it can become significant.

You can get to see the currency rates by clicking “Currency converter” in the overview summary of your account. Follow by clicking on “Payment conversion“. Enter currencies (from and to) and click ‘Calculate‘ to know the exchange rates easily.

Follow below steps to Know PayPal Exchange Rate

1. Login your PayPal account and Click ‘withdraw‘ from top Tap.

paypal withdraw

2. Now click ‘withdraw fund from account‘ and find ‘currency converter‘ link.

paypal funds

3. Now open Currency converter link to calculate PayPal exchange rate.

currency converter

4. Paypal currency converter will be pop up on new window. See image below, where I have converted 1 US dollar into Indian Rupees.

paypal currency converter

The rates appear every time you send a payment in another currency (non-local), accept money from another currency, transfer money between your currency balances and withdraw sum in another currency into your local account.

While in case of both receiving and sending parties acting locally with local currencies, the exchange rates do not apply. So, before you actually make any transaction look for the exact exchange rates easily through PayPal currency converter.

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