Nabil Bank is one of the top banks in Nepal, having over 200 branches across the nation. If you are planning to invest your well-earned money in the fixed deposit account of Nabil Bank, you must be thinking about the Nabil Bank fixed deposit interest rate. Well, in that case, you are in the right place. Stay tuned to know the answer to your query and more right here.

Documents Required to Open a Bank Account in Nabil Bank

Any person or firm/company can open a bank account in the Nabil Bank with the help of the following KYC documents:

  1. Proof of identity- Citizenship, Passport, Voter ID, PAN certificate, utility bills, etc.
  2. Recent photograph
  3. Proof of residence (optional)

How to Open a Fixed Deposit Account in the Nabil Bank

If you are already an account holder in the Nabil Bank, you can quickly open a fixed deposit account in the same bank through both online and offline methods. For example, you can visit the nearest bank branch during bank hours with the necessary documents and apply for a fixed deposit account offline.

But for greater convenience, you can open your fixed deposit account online through the official website of Nabil Bank or the portal of its official app, Nabil Digi Bank.

You must first download and install the Nabil Digi Bank app on your mobile. Then, sign up/log in with your credentials. Then on the app’s interface, visit the Online Fixed Deposit option and enter your account number and the registered mobile number to continue with the process.

Nabile Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rate

The fixed deposit interest rates for individuals and institutions in the Nabil Bank are:


Type of Deposit Interest Rate
3 Months to 6 Months (Individual) 9.49
6 Months to 2 Years (Individual) 9.99
Above 2 Years (Individual) 10.49
3 Months to 6 Months (Individual Remittance) 10.49
6 Months to 2 Years (Individual Remittance) 10.99
Above 2 Years (Individual Remittance) 11.49
3 Months to 2 Years (Institutional) 7.99
Above 2 Years (Institutional) 8.49
Nabil Savings Accounts 5.90
Corporate Premium Savings 6.90
Nabil Gold Savings Account 7.90
Corporate General Savings 5.90
Nabil Premium Remittance Saving Account 8.90

Table updated: 24 August 20203

Precautionary Measures

You must always be careful with your banking details. Your one mistake can cost you the loss of your lifetime’s money. Some tips that you must always be mindful of include:

  • Never share your banking or personal details with anyone.
  • The bank never calls for the details of any customer. So do not attend or entertain any bank call on your mobile number.
  • Trust only the bank’s official portal, like the authentic website and application.
  • Do not log in to your banking app through any public computer. Always prefer your phone or authentic channels only.
  • In case of a query, always visit your nearest bank branch to be double sure.

Last Lead

Coming to an end, if you were seeking answers on Nabil Bank fixed deposit interest rates, we have provided you with the rate list already. Although individuals’ fixed deposit interest rates differ between 11.03 and 9.03, for institutions, the range of FD interest rates lies between 10.03 and 10.13.

However, these rates are subject to change. As a result, the banks revise their rates according to their policies. For example, if you are planning to invest your surplus funds in the fixed deposit account of the Nabil Bank, you must check for the current interest rates of fixed deposits at the time of your investment with the bank officials.

For this purpose, you may visit the nearest bank branch or call their customer care team at +97715970015 and email [email protected].