The Nainital Bank Limited is a scheduled commercial bank founded in 1922. Mr Govind Pallabh Pant and Shah Community founded it. The bank is a subsidiary of the second largest bank in India - Bank of Baroda - that holds a stake of over 98% in the bank.

The Nainital Bank has over 100 branches across Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan and as per the reports of 2012, managed a net turnover of INR 55 billion. Nainital Bank is associated with many banks like Bank of Baroda, LIC and HDFC bank.

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Nainital Bank only offers terms deposits to resident Indians. Its deposit tenor ranges from 7 days to 120 months. Although the interest rates are lower than most banks, it offers a Naini Tax Saver Scheme with a considerably high interest rate.

Also for deposits above INR 1 crore, the customer needs to get approval from the head office in Nainital. The bank also deducts 1% for premature payments of deposits.

Nainital bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 2018:

 Tenur Interest rate

(% p.a.)

 Interest rate for

Sr. citizen

(% p.a.)

 7 Days to 14 Days4.00%4.50%
 15 Days to 30 Days4.50%5.00%
 30 Days to 45 Days6.00%6.50%
 45 Days to 90 Days6.50%7.00%
 90 Days to 180 Days6.75%7.25%
 180 Days to 270 Days7.50%8.00%
 270 Days - 1 Year7.50%8.00%
 1 Year to 2 Years7.90%8.40%
 2 Years to 3 Years7.75%8.25%
 3 Years to 5 Years7.75%8.25%
 5 Years to 10 Years7.50%8.00%
Naini Tax saver scheme7.75%7.75%

Table Updated: 12 January, 2018

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