Corporation Bank FD Interest Rates

The corporation Bank offers decent and almost constant FD interest rate of 7.25 percent for a period of 1-5 years with an additional .50 percent for senior citizens for deposits above 90 days (which is not true in all the cases since there is no benefit for them between 1-5 Crore investment or when period is less or both).

To avail the extra interest rates, the seniors must invest for at least 3 months but still check on other constraints(like amount) if apply. The Fixed deposit interest rates for Corporation Bank are quite low for any period between 0-6 months but gradually increase up to 7 percent if the investment is for more than six months.

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They reach a maximum of — percent (— for seniors) under a special ‘555’ days investment scheme. If you are planning an investment for 1-2 year, then this 555 days plan would provide you with the best FD rates to go for without giving a second thought.

coporation bank fd interest rates

Table For Corporation Bank Fixed deposit interest rates:

Interest Rate
(per Annum)
Senior Citizen Rates
(per Annum)
7 – 14 Days5.505.50
15 – 30 Days6.006.00
31 – 45 Days6.006.00
46 – 60 Days6.006.00
61 – 90 Days6.256.25
91 Days – 180 Days7.007.50
181 Days – 270 days7.007.50
271 Days – 1 year7.007.50
1 Year – 2 Years7.257.75
2 Years – 3 Years7.257.75
3 Years – 5 Years7.257.75
5 Years – 10 Years7.257.75
Above 10 Years7.257.75

Corporation Bank provides good interest rates for above one year fixed deposits.

Updated: 8 October, 2015

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  1. can I transfer my accounts balance to FD & how much & sdaule the FD banifid. please give details to my email..

  2. I want to know if I put 1 lakh rupees FD in your bank how many amount will be get after 1 year.

  3. I want to know, if I deposit Rs 1 Lakh and above as fixed deposit for 2or3 years,then what is the monthly interest? please clear me sir..

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