IDBI Bank FD interest rates

IDBI bank offers quite luring interest rates especially for the period of 6 months-1 year for a general investor under once crore of investment, the maximum interest rate being 8.80 percent. For the increase in period of investment, the interest rate is almost constant to 8.80 percent.

Although there is a considerable decline in the interest rate for over 5 years investment considering falling of repo rates. This is kind of a fallback security in which the bank keeps margin for losses which might occur due to falling repo rates.

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The interest rate as seen from the table is 8.75 percent for 5-10 years owing to the same reason. The maximum tenure for investment is 20 years.idbi bank fd rates

Table for IDBI Bank FD rates

Time PeriodInterest Rate For Amount Below 1 Crore Interest Rate For Amount Above 1 Crore
7 – 14 Days4.506.50
15 – 30 Days6.006.50
31 – 45 Days6.007.00
46 – 60 Days6.507.25
61 – 90 Days7.258.25
91 Days – 180 Days8.007.25-8.50
181 Days – 270 days8.857.25-8.50
271 Days – 1 year8.858.50
1 Year8.808.50
1 Year – 2 Years8.808.25
2 Years – 3 Years8.808.25
3 Years – 5 Years8.808.25
5 Years – 10 Years8.758.25
Above 10 Years8.258.25

From Table, IDBI bank provides best interest rates in fixed deposits for the period one to five years. For 2-5 Years deposits, IDBI bank provides 9% interest rates. But above five years deposits, It provides little less fixed deposit interest Rates. Below, I am Going to give full details for IDBI Bank fixed deposit interest rates.

In Full table, you can see fixed deposit rates for the period 15 days to 20 years. IDBI bank provides little higher Fixed deposit interest rates for senior citizens. Check it out from official website of IDBI bank @

I would like to suggest you to compare it with all other Indian banks Fd rates.

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