Andhra Bank is one of the five government banks in the country, which are currently offering the highest rates of interest on fixed deposits. Therefore, the bank is today enticing more and more investors for term deposits.

For senior citizens, an additional 0.5% would be given for an amount up to 1 crore only. Staff and ex-staff rates are applicable as per rules. The revised rates mentioned below for amount below and above 1 crore are effective from 2 March 2018.Andhra Bank fd rates

Andhra Bank Fixed/Term Deposit Interest Rates (March 2019):

Time PeriodInterest Rate For Amount Below 2 Crore (% p.a.)
Interest RateFor Amount Above 2-10 Crore (% p.a.)
7 Days to 14 Days4.00%4.00%
15 Days to 30 Days5.25%4.00%
31 Days to 45 Days5.25%4.00%
46 Days to 60 Days6.00%6.26%
61 Days to 90 Days6.26%6.26%
91 Days to 180 Days6.26%6.26%
181 Days to 270 Days6.26%6.26%
271 Days to 1 Year6.60%6.26%
1 Year6.80%6.90%
1 Year to 2 Years6.80%6.90%
2 Years to 3 Years6.75%6.25%
3 Years to 5 Years6.75%6.25%
5 Years to 10 Years6.50%6.25%
Above 10 Years6.50%6.25%

NRE Fixed Deposit Interest Rates (March 2019):

PeriodInterest Rates below 1 crore (% p.a.)Interest Rates above 1 Crore (% p.a.)
1 Year to 2 Years6.80%6.90%
Above 2 Years – up to 5 years6.75%6.25%
Above 5 Years- up to 10 Years6.50%6.25%

Andhra Bank Fixed deposit interest Calculator

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Updated: 8 March 2019

Important Notes:

  • You have to take permission from the general manager to deposit amount above 10 cr.
  • Senior Citizen and Staff Rate of interests are not applicable to NRE/NRO Deposits.



  1. I would like to fixed deposit RS 20,000,000 on monthly basis, I just want to know how much money I will get monthly


  2. Hi sir I want deposits 5 lacks ,I want get monthly interest ,how much I’ll get monthly pls tell me sir

  3. i can make FD for 35 lakhs and keep it for 2 years . But i need monthly interest . Please advice how much i can get monthly.

  4. I want to invest 2500000 & i am senior citizen how much i get monthly with deduction of tds i will submit 15h form.

  5. Sir
    I would like to fixed deposit RS 20,000,000 on monthly basis, I just want to know how much money I will get monthly


  6. I want to deposit 30,00000/- on monthly interest basis I would like to know, is it possible at single account.

  7. I am NRI, currently working in Kuwait, I wish to Fix Deposit Rs, 15,00,000/- for 10 years, on monthly income basis. please inform rate of interest and required documents for opening of Fixed Deposit Account(NRE).

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