Indian Overseas Bank is yet another public sector bank which offers attractive interest rates for both long and short term fixed deposits. IOB Fixed deposit interest rates are varying in between 4.50 to 6.80%. For the time period below 120 Days, the interest rate is about 5.50%.

For one to ten Years, the interest rate is 6.80% for the amount below one Crore and you have to refer branch for the amount above 1 crore. But, Indian overseas bank FD interest rates for all amounts is the same for the period below 270 Days. These rates are effective from 5 April 2018.

iob bank fd interest rates

 IOB Fixed Deposit Interest Rates For 2019 are shown in Table:

For Deposits Below 1 CroreFor Deposits 1-10 Crores
7 Days to 14 Days4.50%Refer branch
15 Days to 30 Days4.50%*
31 Days to 45 Days4.50%*
46 Days to 60 Days4.60%*
61 Days to 90 Days4.60%*
91 Days to 180 Days5.50%*
181 Days to 270 days5.75%*
271 Days to 1 year6.25%*
1 Year6.60%*
1 Year to 2 Years6.60%*
2 Years to 3 Years6.75%*
3 Years to 5 Years6.80%*
5 Years to 10 Years6.80%*

Interest rate on Non-resident account 2019 (NRE deposits):

Maturity rangeAmount below 1 crore

(% p.a.)

Amount above one crore

(% p.a.)

1 Year 6.60%Contact Branch
 1 Year to 2 Years 6.60%Contact Branch
 2 Year to 3 Years 6.75%Contact Branch
 3 Years to 5 Years 6.80%Contact Branch
 5 Years to 10 Years 6.80%Contact Branch

Table Updated: 19 February 2019

Important Notes:

  • Like other Public sector banks in India, the interest rate is 4% for normal saving, NRE and NRO accounts.
  • Additional .50% interest rates are applicable for resident senior citizens (minimum amount of 1 lakh).
  • You can get a 6.80% p.a with IOB Tax Saver Deposit Scheme. 1% penalty will be charged for the closing account before the maturity period.
  • You have to refer branch to deposit amount above 1 crore.

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  1. Dear sir,

    The service is good and congratulations for your support.We are expecting the interest rate for fixed deposits for ordinary citizens at 9% for 5 years deposit and for senior citizen fixed deposit interest rate for 9.50%.we feel it will be a better scope for middle class people.Thanks for your support and do the needful.


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