Have you made any financial plans for the future? Do you have a fixed deposit account? Fixed Deposit is a rewarding financial instrument from which the investors earn a fixed rate of interest until the maturity date.

You will get a higher rate of interest than the interest you get in a regular savings account. Apart from the higher rate of interest, there are several other benefits for the investors.

NIC Asia Bank is one of the distinguished banks in Nepal. If you want to secure your future, you must take the initiative and make investments for fixed deposit.

NIC Asia introduces different Fixed Deposit schemes with varying interest rates and other applicable rules. The investors have to maintain a minimum balance in the fixed deposit account and not withdraw the money until the maturity period.

The banks transfer the amount as per the applicable interest rate directly to the fixed deposit account Quarterly or Annually. The interest amount adds on to the total fixed deposit amount.

You can visit the official website of the NIC Asia bank to learn more about different fixed deposit schemes offered by the bank and the offered interest rates. The fixed deposit schemes designed by the bank meet varying requirements of the accountholders.

The account holders have to maintain a minimum balance in the account till the maturity date. You can check the list of fixed deposit schemes of NIC Asia and the offered interest rates from the table.

The interest rates are subject to variation! So, you must go through the terms and conditions before opening the fixed deposit account in Nic Asia Bank. The fixed deposit scheme secures you financially for the future.

You must maintain the minimum balance up to the maturity date to get the best benefits. Go through the table and select the best-fixed deposit scheme that will fit your requirements.

NIC Asia Bank Fixed Deposit interest rates (February 2019):

Time Period Interest Rates
1 Month 8.50%
2 Months 8.50%
3 Months 8.50%
4 Months 8.50%
5 Months 9.00%
6 Months 9.00%
7 Months 9.50%
8 Months 9.50%
9 Months 10.00%
10 Months 10.00%
11 Months 10.00%
1-5 Years 11.oo%
5-10 Years 11.00%

The above interest rates are effective from 4 January 2019.

Table updated: 21 February 2019

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