Everyone needs to take the right decision at the right time for securing the future financially! Have you taken any initiatives for securing your future? Investments in fixed deposits are safe and beneficial in multiple ways.

With a Fixed Deposit account, you will be able to make savings for your future. FDs also will help you in financial emergencies. The investors earn by depositing a fixed amount of money for a particular period.

The banks pay investors annually with a fixed rate of interest. Premature withdrawal before the maturity period will attract penalties. So, make sure to avoid premature withdrawals.

The first challenge for new investors is to select the bank! If you are searching for a trustworthy bank in Nepal, Prabhu Bank is a commercial bank in Nepal.

Prabhu Bank Limited designs different Fixed Deposit schemes considering different categories of investors. You can take a look at the different FD schemes and which will help you to decide the right one.

The interest rates for different schemes vary. The term period or maturity period also varies with the FD scheme. For every scheme, the deposit amount differs.

Every investor must have the idea of the essential factors of a Fixed Deposit scheme before investing. Don’t forget to compare the schemes to choose the right one!

Fixed Deposit is tax-saver! The fixed deposit amount falls under the tax-exempt category, and you don’t need to pay tax on the money. Tax is applicable only on the interest amount.

Fixed deposit is not a market-driven investment that makes it a risk-free investment. You get the total amount of money deposited along with the interest amount paid by the bank after the end of the maturity period.

Take a look on the table to generate the idea about the different Fixed Deposit schemes designed by Prabhu Bank Limited!

Prabhu Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates February 2019:

Type of Deposit Interest Rates (% p.a.)
Prabhu Welcome Savings 5.00
Prabhu Muaabja Savings 5.00
Prabhu Khutruke Savings 4.00
Prabhu Smile Savings 3.50
Prabhu Normal Savings 3.00
Fixed deposits Up to 2 Years & Above 9.25
Swarnim Muddati (5 Years) 9.25

The above Fixed deposit interest rates are effective from 28 December 2018.

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