Vijaya bank offers a great deal for extremely small investors. By extremely small we mean an investment of just Rs 50. Not just this, the tenure for the investment is also as low as merely 7 days. Certainly, with all these luring things, the only bug is that the interest rate is too low for a lesser period of investment.

From the table, we can easily conclude that the best deal would be to invest for at least 6 months to avail a good 6.50 percent interest rate. One year is a better option though, as it promises a good 6.80 percent. There are some special deposit schemes like V-Vaibhav scheme which gives an additional 0.10 percent rate.

The scheme is not valid for NRE customers. There is as always an additional benefit for senior citizens, which is the case here as well but here disappointingly it’s just 0.25 percent in comparison to 0.50 percent in a case with most of the other banks. For huge investors who plan to invest more than a crore, the interest rates are less.

Vijaya bank fd rates

In fact, the revised rates are even lesser for over 6 months of investment (for over one crore of investment). All in all, Vijaya bank is good to go for small investors, the lowest interest rate is 4 percent for a period of up to 1.5 months. Below rates are effective from 12 November 2019.

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates of Vijaya Bank February 2019 (Domestic/NRO Deposit only):

Interest Rate
(per annum)
Senior Citizen Rates
(per annum)
Interest Rate
(per annum)
Senior Citizen Rates
(per annum)
7 Days to 14 Days5.00%5.00%5.25%5.25%
15 Days to 30 Days5.00%5.00%5.25%5.25%
31 Days to 45 Days5.50%5.50%5.25%5.25%
46 Days to 60 Days6.00%6.00%5.25%5.25%
61 Days to 90 Days6.00%6.00%5.25%5.25%
91 Days to 180 Days6.50%6.50%5.25%5.25%
181 Days to 270 Days6.50%7.00%6.00%6.00%
271 Days to 1 year6.60%7.10%6.00%6.00%
1 year6.80%7.30%6.00%6.00%
1 Year to 2 Years6.80%7.30%6.00%6.00%
2 Years to 3 Years6.80%7.30%6.00%6.00%
3 Years to 5 Years6.80%7.30%6.00%6.00%
5 Years to 10 Years6.80%7.30%6.00%6.00%
Above 10 Years6.80%7.30%6.00%6.00%

Vijaya Bank NRE Fixed Deposits Rates February 2019:

Maturity Below 1 croreAbove 1 crore
1 year6.80%6.00%
1 year to 2 years 6.80%6.00%
2 years 6.80%6.00%
2 years to 3 years6.80%6.00%
3 years to 5 years6.80%6.00%
Above 5 years6.80%6.00%

Table updated: 19 February 2019

Its clear from the table, for above 6 month period, Vijaya bank provides constant fixed deposit interest rates. Above table is for amount both above and below one crores.

Important Notes:

  • The extra interest rate for senior citizens and staff is .50% for the deposit below 1 crore from 1 to 5 years only. These rates are not applicable for NRI, NRO and NRE deposits.
  • NRE deposits are available only for the period above 1 year.

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  1. I want to deposit amount 5 lac in your bank what interest rate y will give
    I would deposit for 24 month.

  2. Kindly Furnish the latest Rate of interest on Fixed deposits for each core for 1 year or more.

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