HDFC Recurring Deposit Features & Interest Rate

HDFC Bank is the 5th largest bank in India by assets and the largest private sector bank in India. It is listed among the top 50 global banks in terms of its market capitalization. As per the Brand Trust Report 2014, HDFC Bank is also one of the highly reputed brands in India ranked 32nd among other Indian brands.

Having such a huge trust factor to support, HDFC Bank is considered an ideal choice and a secure option for all banking needs. One of their popular banking product is the ‘Recurring Deposits Scheme‘ that offers great service with better interest rates.

Features & Benefits of HDFC RD Plan:

Check out the features of HDFC Bank Recurring Deposit scheme:

  • An investment as small as Rs. 1000 (and in multiples of Rs. 100 thereafter) or as large as Rs. 14,99,900 per month
  • Minimum tenure of 6 months (and in multiples of 3 months thereafter) up to a maximum tenure of 10 years.
  • For NRI customers, the minimum tenure of RD is 12 months.
  • For a much smaller investment per month, get interest rates equal to that of regular Fixed Deposits.
  • TDS is not applicable on the Interest earned by Recurring Deposits as per current income tax rules.
  • Grace Days Facility is 5 days. If the installment is paid within 5 days of the installment due date, the customer will not be charged any penalty.

HDFC Bank RD Interest Rates February:

Here is the interest rates table for HDFC Recurring Deposit Plan (domestic/NRE):

PeriodInterest Rate (per annum)Senior Citizen Rates (per annum)Interest Rates p.a. for NRIsEffective From
6 Months6.25%6.75%N.A.6 November 2018
9 Months6.75%7.25%N.A.6 November 2018
12 Months7.30%7.80%7.30%6 November 2018
15 Months7.30%7.80%7.30%6 November 2018
24 Months7.30%7.80%7.30%6 November 2018
27 Months7.40%7.90%7.40%6 November 2018
36 Months7.40%7.90%7.40%6 November 2018
39 Months7.25%7.75%7.25%6 November 2018
48 Months7.25%7.75%7.25%6 November 2018
60 Months7.25%7.75%7.25%6 November 2018
90 Months6.50%7.00%6.50%6 November 2018
120 Months6.50%7.00%6.50%6 November 2018

Updated: 17 February 2019

Calculate RD maturity value


  1. How to pay RD installments every month in HDFC, Does it auto debits or do we have an option in net banking site to pay according

  2. last 3 years i waste my money , i did no take good decision for save but now i have to save money for future with HDFC bank,so what can i do for it,please give good option.


  4. I want to open RD account in hdfc bank .I want to investment 3000 per month. Than how many interest I get in 3 yrs .and when I open RD account.. Plz tell on my mail ID.
    Thank you

  5. I opened rd in hdfc bank.once I open rate of interest is 7%. But my maturity amount shows 61230 If i deposit 10k/per it will be calculated?

  6. Hi,

    How to pay RD installments every month in HDFC,Does it auto debits or do we have an option in net banking site to pay accordingly.


  7. Hii
    I want to open a RD a/c with hdfc of amt of Rs 7000 p/m. I want to know the procedure and how much amount i will get after 12 months. And also I have a salary a/c with hdfc, is it possible to auto debited the same amt from my salary a/c every month. Will i get any additional benifites as i have a salary a/c with hdfc. Kndly suggest.


  8. hello sir i want to open a RD account in hdfc bank for 12+ month could you tell me the interest rate for that period which i got.

  9. I would like to open recurring deposit a/c but I am not able to find that how much maturity amount I will get after 1 year or 2year etc. plz call on my number 09810128077 Delhi. Thanks

  10. I checked the site before opening the RD, the rate of interest shown in the site was 8.75% p.a for 12 month but when I opened the RD account the rate of interest processed shown was @ 8.2% p.a

  11. Sir,
    I want to know how much I will get for the RD of Rs.40,000/ per month
    after one year.I am senior citizen. Is there any TDS involved.Or any Tax saving benefit?

  12. Sir,
    I want to invest money Rs.20,000/-per month an RD for 12 months.After one year how much I will get. I am also a senior citizen.Please guide me.

  13. Hi
    I’m planning to open a rd account with deposit of 5000 for 6 months
    What will be the rate of Interest and what’s the amount I get in return
    Also after 6 months if I need to continue with this scheme is there any way to set continue for another 6 more months ?

  14. Sir, do I need to pay rd installment every month manually ..or it will be automatically deducted from my account on particular date..please tell me the procedure of paying rd installments if it is not automatic

  15. I want to put money recurring account every month 25k.for 15 months. So what will be total amount i will get

  16. I checked the site before opening the RD, the rate of interest shown in the site was 8.75% p.a for 12 month but when I opened the RD account the rate of interest processed shown was @ 8.2% p.a.

  17. Dear Sir,
    I want deposite 7000 per month in RD account.How many i get after 12 month.

    D K Pankaj

  18. Hello,Sir….
    I want to save my money(suppose 1 lack) in the HDFC bank.So,i would like to know that what is the monthly or yearly interest i could take by HDFC bank and what is percentage .please give me information on my mail id. so, i will take decision as possible as early.
    Thanks too much.

    • Plz don’t waste ur money in rd go for policy or mutual fund ..i invested for 2 yrs but got less in return

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