How to Transfer Fund from SBI to SBI Account online

With the online banking taking a huge place in the banking sector, it has become really easy to even transfer money from one account to another, even without going to the bank and by filling in the receipts and then getting the money transferred.

Smart banking has really made a big difference in the banking process and it has become really easy to do so. It is very easy to transfer money online from your one SBI account to another SBI account and it takes just few seconds to do it.

All you need to have is an access to Internet or online banking and you are good to go. The most important thing here is to have an access to Internet banking and then you can easily transfer money. Here are few steps that you must follow to transfer money from one SBI account to another Online.

Step 1. Add an interbank beneficiary:

To start transferring the money to different SBI bank, you will have to add a beneficiary in sbi account first, by that we mean another account in your online banking service. To add a beneficiary you will have to follow the mentioned below steps and then once you are done with that, you can easily transfer the money to that particular account at any given time. It is very simple and all you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps.

1. For this all you need to is to log in to your account online and then select the profile tab.


profile tab sbi


2. After that select Manage Beneficiary.


manage beneficiary sbi


3. Enter the password




4. Click on Intra bank beneficiary, which means adding a new account to whom you want to transfer the money.


intra bank beneficiary sbi


5. Enter the bank details of the other SBI account as you can see in the given below figure.

bank account details
6. Then select approve now button once you are sure of it.


approve beneficiary


7. Select the Approve button.


click approve button


8. Select Approve through OTP




9. You will then receive an OTP then enter the password and select approve. Once this is done the account is added to your bank and you can easily transfer money as when you want.


otp approve sbi
Step 2: Transfer Money online to the added beneficiary:

The given below steps is to transfer the money to account that you just added and it is pretty simple. Once you have logged in to your account and have added the beneficiary, all you got to do is to transfer the money to the bank. For that you have to follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Login to online SBI and go to payments or transfer options.


payment transfer sbi


2. Once you finish that then select “accounts of others” within SBI to see the list of the added beneficiary.


account of others
3. Select the account and enter the amount you want to transfer and always remember to add a remark so that you can check it in your statement the reason of transfer. Now click the “submit” button.


payment submit in sbi


5. At the end, Clicks confirm button to transfer fund.


payment confirm in sbi
High security password will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter high security password from mobile inbox to initiate the fund transfer. Money will be transferred immediately on working days.


  1. Very bad service by sbi toll free num is registered still no reply got , sbi had remove toll free number.

  2. Hi, I recently started my SBI net banking facility and looking for the ways to transfer money online. Thanks to you, your article is help me doing the same. Nice work.

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