How To Add International Beneficiary in SBI Online

State Bank of India is one of the most popular banks in the country. Almost all the people in the country either have an account in India’s state bank or at the least heard about the bank. It is an RBI registered bank and has been there to satisfy their customers for a long time.

SBI is one of the most well-received banks in the country, and this is because of the large variety of offers and services they provide. So, one such service is adding an international beneficiary to your SBI bank account.

A beneficiary is a person to whom you can send money or funds just by providing their beneficiary’s name, phone number, and address to the bank. This is extremely helpful in the case of transferring money internationally. The international beneficiary is one of the best services that SBI provides. Here, they do not need to specify the international bank name and the person’s name, address, and phone number.

In SBI, only ask their customers to register these beneficiary details once or while transferring funds to them for the first time. This allows them to find the beneficiary and eases the customer’s work as they do not have to add these details again and again.

There are also other ways to send money without adding beneficiaries, like an SBI quick transfer service that uses the NEFT services. But since it is instead a new service and not many people know about this, it is less likely used.

SBI, though have a restriction for adding beneficiaries. However, they only allow a person to add one beneficiary to their account on a particular calendar day. There is a cooldown of about 4 hrs for an approved beneficiary to get activated. But other than these, there are no other restrictions.

Steps to Add international beneficiary in SBI Online

Adding an international beneficiary to the SBI account is fast and straightforward. Step by step process is given below:

Step 1: Log in using your SBI net banking account using a username and password.

online sbi login new

Step 2: Under the ‘Payments/Transfers‘ tab, Click on ‘ADD & manage beneficiary‘.

add manage beneficiary in sbi online

Step 3: Now you will be asked to enter the ‘profile password’. Enter the profile password and click the submit button.

enter profile password to manage beneficiary

Step 4: On the next page, Click on ‘Foreign outward remittance beneficiary‘.

sbi Foreign outward remittance beneficiary online


Step 5: A form will appear on the screen. It will ask you to enter the beneficiary’s name, phone number, and address. There will also be a slot for adding the SWIFT code. Enter the data according and fill the form. Check minutely after filling.

sbi international beneficiary details fill up

Click on register.

Step 6:  Now you have to approve your added beneficiary. Select the beneficiary and click the show details, you will see the approve button. Just click on that Approve button. You will receive an OTP at your registered mobile number.

approve sbi international beneficiary online


On the screen, there will be two options. One stating Approve via ATM and the other stating Approve via OTP. Click on Approve via OTP. Enter the OTP that you receive in your registered mobile number. Click on Submit.

otp to approve sbi international beneficiary online

Note: Approval may take a few hours or a day.

In Conclusion

SBI is one of the finest banks in all of India. It provides a lot of services. One such service is the chance of adding an international beneficiary for transferring money abroad. So, one can add beneficiary to their SBI account by following easy and simple steps online. But they can only add one beneficiary per day.


  1. GUYS: I have been trying to include beneficiary. I am facing the problem to fetch BIC Info. In spite of providing bank bic CIBCCATTXXX I could not get BIC Info. Please guide.

  2. These kind of processes are meant for the convenience of the customers. Unfortunately, the system is unnecessarily devised in a manner which complicates things for the users and they are left helpless, without any clue as to what to do next. The columns to be filled and clicked should be placed serially so that no hurdle arises while adding beneficiary. I too faced this problem of clicking on Get BIC Info which did not proceed further and hence could not add the beneficiary.

  3. they have a new box to click-GIC OR NON-GIC
    What should we write for the individual bank account holder?

  4. People, just chill out alot of western banks also recommend using internet explorer. Just use Internet explorer (not edge) and enter the SWIFT BIC and click Get BIC Info after you select the country. Dont input Transit or routing number before that.

  5. Tried to add beneficiary for International transfer. The “Get BIC” button not working at all

  6. This is a horrible design by SBI m0r0ns..! Such a known issue for years and still not fixing it. I faced the same for a week with no solution..!

  7. It WORKS. Follow this. In case you are transferring to an institutional account, Fill ONLY up to the IBAN and check the ‘GET BIC’. You will see the fetched bank details. Initially, the option will not be available. It becomes available only after the IBAN is filled. If you fill in all details and ‘GET BIC’ it does not work for some reason. Thank you “Gagan Gill” in the comment section who wrote this recommendation. I used Microsoft Edge. No issues. As others said SBI customer care is bad. They wasted 6 days and did not rectify the issue. It is time SBI gets privatized or collects feedback.

  8. 2 Recommendations:-
    1) Use Internet Explorer browser
    2) add the BIC code before adding other details

  9. It didn’t work for me the first time, I tried clicking “Get BIC info” AFTER CHECKING “I read the terms…” and “I am certified…” – It did not work.
    For the second time I added all the details in order – after I entered the “alternate phone number” > selected “input SWIFT BIC” > entered “Bank BIC code/number” > CLICKED “Get BIC info” > The system automatically generates the BANK DETAILS of the BENEFICIARY > Then I CHECKED the boxes “I read the terms…” AND “I am a certified…” > Clicked “Confirm” – It was added – Then I approved it under the “Approve” tab. Hope this works for you as well.

  10. Same problem. Tried to add beneficiary for International transfer. The “Get BIC” button not working at all even when I tried Chrome as well as Firefox browser

  11. I tried to add beneficiary in Canada, in the last stage message shows that “click get BIC info”, however, I had entered BIC info and clicked several times but the same result please suggest someone

    • while adding beneficiary , in adding page first enter bic code then click GET BIC INFO , it will fetch all the details , and then add all the details like a/c no. and everything..

      canada gaye ki nahi

  12. It was not working for me on Firefox. However, it worked when I switched to Chrome. I am using Ubuntu but I think it should work on other OS as well.

  13. This is what happened to me also. Finally, did you manage this problem? Help me also. I send a complaint to customer care. But the answer was not to the question. Customer Care is not at all helpful.

  14. I think that it is high time for such a big bank like SBI to address the problem of adding international beneficiary by clicking GET BIC. In my case also I tried several times but nothing happens after clicking GET BIC.

  15. After adding swift code or routing number and clicking it – nothing happens. And when I click – register – it asks for clicking swift code or routing number. Is there any tip? I am unable to add an international beneficiary because of it

  16. Yes, same problem. The system does nothing when filling in the routing code and the lookup button does nothing. Customer service was not helpful either

  17. Same here. Filled in all details, added the Swift BIC code, and tried to register. I get a popup that says “Click GET BIC Info” – clicking it does absolutely nothing.

  18. Facing the same issue! GET BIC info is really not working! This was a real waste of time. This whole online process for adding international beneficiaries in SBI is not working because of this.

  19. I tried to add beneficiary in Australia. completed up to step 5.clicked register but did not proceed further. showed get bsb info. did not proceed further; I don’t know what to do next.

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