How to Add New Beneficiary in IDBI Bank

IDBI is a well known public sector bank having 1853 branches all across in India. The bank is offering various services like internet banking, sms banking, missed call balance enquiry and many other facilities to their customers.

Through IDBI online banking, you can transfer fund to any other banks in India. For this, first you have to add beneficiary in your net banking account.

So here is helpful step by step guide to add new beneficiary in IDBI account:

1. First you need to login your IDBI internet banking account. Visit, then enter customer id and password.

idbi net banking login

2. After successful login, now click on ‘transfer‘ tab from menu. As we are transferring money to other bank account, so choose ‘National Electronic Funds Transfer‘ option.

transfer tab idbi

3. Now you to choose option ‘Add a person NEFT Beneficiary‘, then fill following details:

Beneficiary account Number: Receiver’s Bank Account Number.

Name of Beneficiary: Full name of receiver in Bank account.

add new beneficiary in idbi bank

Beneficiary Account type: Select receiver’s account type from saving, current, loan, NRE or credit card account. I am here selecting saving account.

Branch IFSC code: IFSC code of receiver bank Account. IFSC code could be found in bank passbook.

Enter all above details and click the ‘add‘ button.

confirm transaction in idbi bank

4. Next you to confirm ongoing transaction by entering your id and transaction password. Click ‘Add‘ to confirm transaction.

confirm the payee idbi bank

5. Now you need to click the button ‘confirm Payee‘. A unique registration code will be sent to your register mobile number.

approve beneficiary idbi bank

6. Next select ‘beneficiary name‘ and click the ‘approve‘ button, then validate your beneficiary by entering unique registration number sent to your mobile number.

validate idbi beneficiary

7. Again you have to enter your id and transaction password, the click ‘ok‘.

confirm transaction idbi

8. New idbi beneficiary will be added successfully.

beneficiary added idbi bank
Check out newly added beneficiary from beneficiary list in to your net banking account. If you have any doubts, leave comment we will try to resolve your issues.


  1. When I am trying to “Add a personal NEFT Beneficiary” option I am getting “[12303] User not enabled for Bill Payments/Presentment.” error message and unable to proceed

  2. When I am trying to add beneficiary by following above steps,
    when I click on “Add a personal NEFT Beneficiary” option I am getting “[12303] User not enabled for Bill Payments/Presentment.” error message and unable to proceed

  3. I added a new beneficiary today at Indian time 8.30 am. Everything was done but still it is not showing in the list of beneficiary.

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