Fixed deposits attract investors because of the highly impressive interest rates it promises in return of lack of liquidity prevailing with them. The people get easily lured by these extremely profitable schemes which come with FDs so much so that they fall for it.

Falling here turns out to be a boon unlike it is in shopping sometimes. ICICI bank provides 7.40 percent interest rates for 270 days to one year and a maximum of 7.50 percent for 2-5 years if investment.

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The rate falls once again over 5 years to 7.25 percent only which is a little less as compared to other banks which provide greater interest rates for the same tenure or may be same amount.

icici bank fd interest ratesTable For ICICI Bank Fd interest rates For Domestic, NRE & NRO:

Interest Rate
(per annum)
Senior Citizen Rates
(per annum)
Interest Rate
(per annum)
Senior Citizen Rates
(per annum)
7 – 14 Days4.004.506.006.50
15 – 30 Days4.254.756.006.50
31 – 45 Days5.506.006.006.50
46 – 60 Days6.507.006.507.00
61 – 90 Days6.757.256.507.00
91 Days – 180 Days7.007.507.007.50
181 Days – 270 days7.257.757.107.60
271 Days – 1 year7.407.907.407.90
1 Year – 2 Years7.508.007.508.00
2 Years – 3 Years7.508.007.257.75
3 Years – 5 Years7.508.007.257.75
5 Years – 10 Years7.257.757.257.75
5 year tax saver7.508.00

Table updated: 5 April, 2016

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Important Notes:

  • Senior citizen additional interest is applicable only for domestic deposits.
  • No interest will be paid for closing deposits before 1 year in case of NRE term deposits.
  • You can invest upto 1.5 lacs in icici tax saver scheme and it can not be closed before 5 years.

For saving accounts, ICICI bank provides 4% interest rates like other Top Indian Banks.

You can see more details about ICICI fixed deposit interest rates from ICICI official website. Link:


  1. What’s the monthly interest amount of 20000rs if it is in fixed deposit for 5 years and interest of 10 years also…

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