How to Increase SBI Credit Card Limit Online

State Bank of India (SBI) is an Indian multinational, public sector banking and financial services company. whose headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. At present, it is the largest bank in India with 24,000 branches all over the country.  SBI serves many banking products through its branches all over India and overseas sector.

The most brilliant banking product that SBI provides to its customers across the globe is Credit Card. As per the demand of the customers, SBI has various types of Credit Cards like – SBI Elite Card, SBI Platinum Card, Air India SBI Signature card and Air India SBI Platinum Card. These cards bear different credit limits with different facilities.

SBI provides a great facility to any cardholder to increase credit limits online. You can easily increase your credit limit in an easy way without huge technical knowledge. Before increase the credit card limit as a wise customer, you should be careful very much about this matter. After the increase of your limit, you should never spend recklessly.

The most important thing with the increase in credit card limit is that if you utilize your card wisely, increase in limit will obviously help you to large purchase without any need for any upfront cash. However, here are some basic steps by which you can increase your card limit. This is the wisest way to increase credit card limit.

However, here is some basic steps by which you can increase your card limit. Dial SBI toll-free number to 18601801290 and contact with any representative and ask him/her to increase your limit. On the basis of your credit score and payment history, the representative may increase your card limit.

increase sbi credit card limit

To increase your card limit, you may apply for the new card. This is also another way to increase your limit. If your credit score and payment history for the present card is good, then you are eligible for a new card with higher credit card limit.

You may follow these steps too for this purpose:

Pre-approved Credit Limit Offer,
Credit Limit Increase with Income documentation.

Pre-approved Credit Limit Offer

1. Login the official website of the bank and Click ‘Offers‘ or ‘Benefits‘ tab. Check whether there is any offer for Increase in Credit Limit on your account & then click on the ‘Submit‘ button.

2. To know your sbi credit card limit via sms, type ‘INCR XXXX’ ( Where XXXX is last 4 digits of your card number) and send it to 5676791 from your bank registered mobile number.

Credit Limit Increase with Income documentation

Contact any customer care executive through the toll free numbers: 1860 180 1290 or 39 02 02 02 (prefix STD code) and email some required documents.

Submit documents as he/she told to submit. Generally, it may be Form 16, salary slip of last 2 months etc and soft copies of documents can be submitted at After some verification, the bank will increase your card limit.


  1. From last 10 years, I am calling several time to u dep, increase the limit, my income is 12 lac per annum, I don’t know what problem to increase limits, Anyway I going to the canceled card within a month.

  2. Hello sir,
    We have increased your SBI credit card limit to 5,00,000. Happy shopping.

    Thank you.
    Relationship Manager
    SBI Credit Cards & Payments Pvt.Ltd

  3. I am Gangadhar Hp sir already SBI credit card used p/z increase transaction limit up to 25000 sir

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