Latest SBI Demand Draft Charges 2024

Are you trying to make payment for any reason through the demand draft? The demand draft is a prepaid negotiable instrument that can be used to pay anyone. When they offer the draft at their bank, then the bank is bound to pay them the money that is mentioned in the draft.

It is not obligatory that you need to have an account in a bank to have a demand draft, but you need to pay a charge for having the same. It is prudent that you know about the charges so that you do not face any problems while having a demand draft being prepaid at a bank.

The facility that you can avail

There are some facilities that you can have from the bank. Let us have a look at those before knowing the charges that you have to pay for having a demand draft.

  • You can fill in the form for having a draft and present that and have the daft from a single window in any SBI branch.
  • You do not need to wait for some hours for having the draft, you will have it instantaneously.

The charges that you have to pay

State Bank Of India charges a fee from you when you intend to buy a demand draft from them. The charges that were charged previously are as follows:

  • Rs. 50.00 is the charge if you buy a draft of value up to Rs. 10,000.00.
  • For drafts above Rs. 10,000.00, you have to pay an additional 0.25% on the amount above Rs. 10,000.00 along with the charge. The minimum fee in such a case is Rs. 60.00.

SBI Demand Draft Issuance Charges

Amount Charges
Up to Rs. 5000 Rs. 25
Above Rs 5000 up to Rs 10000 Rs. 50
Above Rs. 10000 up to Rs. 100000 Rs. 5 per 1000
(Min. Rs. 60)
Above Rs. 100000 Rs. 4 per Rs. 1000
Min. Rs. 600
Max. Rs. 2000

SBI Demand Draft Charges

SBI Demand Draft Cancellation Charges

Draft Amount Charges
Up to Rs. 500 Nil
Above Rs. 500 up to Rs. 5000 Rs. 25 + GST
Above Rs. 5000 up to Rs. 10000 Rs. 50 + GST
Above Rs. 10000 Rs. 100 + GST

Table updated: 20 February 2024

The current SBI DD charges that you have to pay:

These were the charges that had to be paid by you before the implementation of GST, but now SBI has changed the charges. Let us have a look at those.

  • The charge for having a draft of Rs. 5,000.00 is Rs, 25.00
  • If you buy a demand draft ranging between Rs. 5,000.00 to Rs. 10,000.00 then the current charge is Rs. 50.00.
  • If the value of the draft is between Rs. 10,000.00 and Rs. 1, 00,000.00 then you have to pay Rs. 5.00 per Rs. 1,000.00. The minimum charge is Rs. 60.00
  • Again if the demand draft value is above Rs. 1, 00,000.00 then you have to pay Rs. 4.00 per Rs. 1,000.00. The minimum charge is Rs. 600.00 and the maximum is Rs. 2,000.00.

All these charges that are mentioned above are inclusive of GST and are the current charges that you have to pay.

Demand Draft Cancellation charges that you have to pay

If your demand draft is Rs. 500.00 then the bank does not charge any cancellation charges but if it is above Rs. 500.00 then Rs. 25.00 + GST is deducted from the demand draft amount.

So, now you know the demand draft charges that you have to pay when you intend to have such from SBI. You can easily visit any SBI branch and have that prepared so that you can make the payment that you wish to make.


    • Sir, I need a DD for Rs.1600000/- from my axis bank salary account, is there any charges charged by the AXIS Bank to issue DD, if so please guide me how much I have to pay.
      Thanks with regards,

  1. Is it true? Even today I asked about the same amount of DD to cancel, they are saying 240 rupees will be charged for cancellation of 300 rupees DD, is it true??

  2. I want to make DD of 35,00000/- through SBI, How much commission will be charged ??
    Pl. Replay.

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  5. if i want to take a DD for Rs.45,00,000/- how much charge will be a commission charge
    for that

  6. I want to make a demand draft of RS 2000000. lack how must they take the charges of this amount? please replay me as soon as your possible.

  7. For the cancellation of 500rs DD the SBI charge me rs 236 and I got only 264 rs after the cancellation. They said the system automatically reduces the amount it might because of gst. What should I do

  8. I want to pay Rs.40,00,000/- for Bangalore university examination fees how must dd charges to be paid

  9. I wanted to make Demand Draft for 3,00,000, its max 2000 or will be more? I’m purchasing a second-hand car and would like to go paying with DD, how would this help me? wanted to make sure that have payment given information with handover…

  10. I came to cancel a demand draft of Rs 100, the service manager was saying that the charges for cancellation will be rs 235. Was that true?

  11. I have cancelled dd of 170 & 170 . How many charge pay me or,reduce from dd. SBI0000186.

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