Latest HDFC Bank Demand Draft Charges 2022

Demand Draft is one of the modes of making transactions. It is quite similar to cheques but the bank issues a demand draft on special request and is payable to any specific party. The DDs can simply be described as a payment order from one bank to another bank to pay the specific party.

The bank issuing a Demand Draft charges fees to the person requesting to issue the DD. If you are an account holder, the amount of Demand Draft plus the extra charges would get deducted from the account, or else you can pay the applicable charges in cash.

You must have an idea about the Demand Draft charges before you request one. On this page, you will get the info about the applicable charges at HDFC Bank.

Charges on Demand Draft issuance through HDFC Branch

Up to Rs. 10000 Rs. 50
Above Rs. 10000Rs.5 per 1000 on entire amount (min Rs.75 & max Rs.10000)
Up to Rs. 10000 (Senior CitizensRs. 45
Above Rs. 10000 (Senior CitizensRs.5 per 1000 or part thereof (min Rs 50 & max Rs. 10000)

Charges on Demand Draft request through HDFC Netbanking

Up to Rs. 10 LakhRs. 50 + Correspondent Bank charges
Third-party DD up to Rs. 100000Rs. 50 + Correspondent Bank charges

HDFC Bank Demand Draft Charges

HDFC demand drafts Revalidation & Cancellation Charges

Type of ServiceCharges
HDFC Bank Demand draft Cancellation ChargesRs.60, Senior citizen – Rs.54
HDFC Bank Demand draft revalidation ChargesRs.60, Senior citizen – Rs.54

Charges for Demand Draft issued at Non-HDFC Bank

  • HDFC Bank charges Rs 60 to cancel or revalidate Manager’s Cheque, Demand Drafts.
  • For Demand Drafts issued on Non-HDFC Bank, you need to pay Rs 50 plus additional charges depending on the amount of draft.
  • Up to Rs 500, you have to pay Rs 50.
  • The bank charges Rs 50 for issuing Demand Drafts with the amount above Rs 500 to Rs 1000.
  • You have to pay additional charges of Rs 50 for a Demand Draft above Rs 1000 to Rs 5000.
  • The additional charge for a Demand Draft with the amount above Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 is Rs 50.
  • To prepare a DD of the amount above Rs 10, 000 to Rs 1 Lakh, you need to pay Rs 5 per Rs 1000 or a part thereof.
  • If you want a Demand Draft of the amount above Rs 1 Lakh, the bank will charge Rs 5 per 1000 or a part thereof. The minimum additional charge would be Rs 300.

It will indeed be helpful for you if you have the info about the latest HDFC Demand Draft charges.

Table Updated: 15 June 2022

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  1. I am an account holder in HDFC bank. I want to take a demand draft on 3rd party name for the amount of 10 lakhs what will be the extra charges added to this.

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