Punjab Gramin Bank Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number

Punjab Gramin Bank (पंजाब ग्रामीण बैंक) is a regional bank in Punjab having 284 branches across thirteen districts of the State. The bank aims to deliver excellent banking services to the people in the areas as based in the rural regions of the state. Do you have an account with Punjab Gramin Bank?

Punjab National bank owns this regional rural bank and introduces new relevant services from time-to-time to ensure customer’s convenience. How do you check your Punjab Gramin bank account balance? The traditional ways of making balance enquiry include passbook update and visiting the ATM to request Balance enquiry.

Both of these traditional methods of checking account balance are time-consuming, and you need to give efforts to visit the branch or ATM. You can make Punjab Gramin bank balance enquiry by simply sending an SMS or giving a missed call to a dedicated number provided by the bank.

Make balance Enquiry with simple ways

Punjab Gramin bank balance enquiry via Missed Call

  • Dial  toll free number 18001807777 from your mobile number.
  • Disconnect the call after 2-3 rings or else the call will get disconnected automatically.
  • After few minutes, you will receive an SMS containing real time balance details.

Note: You need to send the SMS or dial the number from your registered mobile number.

Punjab Gramin bank balance enquiry via SMS

  • Open default messaging app on your mobile and select Create Message.
  • Type BAL <account number > and send it to 18001807777.
  • Within few minutes, you will receive an SMS in reply.
  • The SMS contains account balance info with real-time updates.

If you haven’t registered your mobile number at the bank, to access the services you need to get it done first. Visit the branch and request for mobile number registration. You will receive notification of the confirmation of successful registration of mobile number.

The mobile number will get linked to the account number which is very useful for future references. The traditional means of making balance enquiry also includes Internet Banking services but rarely any customer in the rural areas with less education can access internet banking facilities.

Sending an SMS and giving a Missed Call are the easiest way to get balance info in real time. The provided number is toll-free, and the bank doesn’t charge to access the service. You can avail the service round the clock, and you can make balance enquiry anytime. It is a simple way for everyone to stay updated with the real-time account balance.


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