How to Register Online For IOB Net banking?

Do you have an account with Indian Overseas Bank? Have you yet activated Internet Banking facilities? If not, you are losing many opportunities of accessing smart banking services. Today, in this digital age, banking services have digitalized, and it has become easier for the customers to access the services anytime without visiting the branch in person!

If you haven’t yet activated Indian Overseas Bank net Banking, you can get registered online and avail the services. You need to follow simple steps to get registered, and you can do this anytime from anywhere. Activating Net Banking services is few clicks away from you.

Steps to Get registered for IOB Net Banking Online

Step 1: Open your web browser on your computer with Internet Access. Open the official website of IOB for Internet Banking on the web browser. The homepage of the Internet Banking services will get displayed on the web browser.

Step 2: As you are New User for Internet Banking, click on New User? Register Now link.

new user register iob net banking

Step 3: You will get directed to a new page for Individual Registration. On this page, you need to enter few details like Login ID and Password under User Particulars section. Re-enter the password for confirmation.

Important Note: Make sure to enter a strong password which must include at least eight characters, and the characters must include a symbol, alphabet, and number.

The next step is to enter the Personal Particulars. You need to enter the Salutation, then the First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Resident Status, Country, Email ID and Mobile Number. Make sure to enter the credentials precisely and enter a registered and active Email ID and Mobile Number.

iob net banking registration

Now you need to enter the Account Particulars. Enter the 15 Digit Account Number, Nick Name, and Fund Transfer in the respective boxes. Now Enter the text as Shown in Image.
Click on Submit button displayed at the bottom of the page. Next you have to confirm the same details.

Important Note: Entering the credentials in the Star Marked boxes is mandatory.

Final Step:Now a PDF file will be generated and take print out that pdf file. Submit that printed application to the branch and request the bank officials to activate IOB Internet Banking Services. You will also receive confirmation of successful registration on your E-Mail ID and Mobile Number.

Following the steps, you can get registered for Internet Banking services from anywhere and anytime. Activate Internet Banking Services and get access to the entire banking services provided by the bank. It is easy to get registered for IOB Net Banking.



  2. I have my account with iob pallavaram.It’s been horrible using net banking. my net banking account is deactivated for no reason. When I went to the branch with a request to activate, it was said they face server errors always. it takes a couple of days.. every time we ask about activation the above is being said by it seems we must forget our net banking with the bank .netbanking is done for quick and swift movement of the transaction which the iob net banking facility gives a password and when we try using it for the very first time itself, it says “you entered the wrong password for 3 consecutive times”.Its been really really horrible banking with iob.

  3. I have net banking with IOB ST THOMAS MOUNT BR, but for the last six months despite branch efforts, it could not be activated…keeps saying not activated or inactive. What’s to be done?

  4. I’m giving all the details in the given template on the Internet. After clicking submit.. again the first page is coming.. I cannot create an account. can you give me a suggestion?

  5. Very difficult to register for an internet banking in Indian Overseas Bank. Why? How to solve this when every time I attempt for the portal says login ID already exists. Please help!

  6. LOGIN ALREADY EXISTS register again note coming every time I try to register my details how will solve this problem anyone knows. Please reply

  7. LOGIN ALREADY EXISTS register again” note coming every time I try to register my details how will solve this problem anyone knows. Please reply.

  8. “LOGIN ALREADY EXISTS register again” note coming every time I try to register my details how will solve this problem anyone knows. Please reply.

  9. whenever i try for a password it always say Alphabets(Upper case &lower case & number & special character) I have tried all combinations. could u give me an example.

    • SPecial character:( e.g. @#$% )
      Include Numbers:( e.g. 123456 )
      Include Lowercase Characters:( e.g. abcdefgh )
      Include Uppercase Characters:( e.g. ABCDEFGH )

      Example: P@ssword245

  10. [email protected] I have filled up an application for net banking in your bank. After filling, I have submitted the application. But my application was not registered saying “login id already exists. register again”. But I could not go back for changing the login id. Please help me.

  11. I had not yet received my m pin yet. Yesterday I received an email regarding registration done from IOB and they told that there will be another mail which will tell you about m pin.

  12. I am trying to register for a net banking but unable to do. I filled every field but at last, saying give valid mobile no. What do I do?

  13. Last two days back I have used two time my IOB ATM on ICICI ATM sector 15 sonepat branch,
    the first transaction was not completed due to network error, but the amount(10000 rupees) has been deducted from my account, After some time second transaction (10000 rupees) proceeded properly

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