Top 10 Foreign Banks in India

Indian banking industry is enormous. There are numbers of banks in public and private sector. India emerged as one of the countries with the fastest growing economy in the world. The developments in financial field and economic field thus attracted foreign countries to establish their banks.

For the growth in the economy, transactions are increasing. India allowed foreign banks to start their services. Foreign banks in India are beneficial in both ways. It supports the high flow of trade, as well as deserving candidates get high-quality jobs in the foreign banks. Here is the list of 10 best international banks in India.

Top 10 Foreign Banks in India 2018

10. Doha Bank

Doha Bank (दोहा बैंक) established in India, in the year 2014. It established in Mumbai, Maharashtra and for its excellent banking services, it found its branches in the leading cities of the Country. It offers services like Money Exchange, Corporate Banking Services, NRI Services, Trade Services as well as other NRI Services.

9. Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait

The Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait (बैंक ऑफ बहरीन एंड कुवैत) originates in Middle East region. It has around four branches in different geographical locations of India. The bank offers a wide range of services to the tourists from Middle East region.

8. Bank of America

Bank of America (बैंक ऑफ अमेरिका) established in India in the Year 1964. It has around five branches in India, and its headquarters is at Mumbai, Maharashtra. The bank offers excellent banking services and is successfully continuing its services for more than 50 years.

best Foreign Banks in India

7. Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank (बार्कलेज बैंक) is one among the oldest International banks in India. It has its headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra as it is the economic capital of India. Currently, it has seven branches in different locations in India. It offers services like Commercial Banking, Personal Banking, Credit Cards and Treasury Solutions.

6. DBS Bank

DBS Bank’s (डीबीएस बैंक) origin is from Singapore, and it developed especially for India. This bank established in the year 1968 and is successfully functioning in India for around 50 years. Currently, it has around 12 branches in India, and its headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It offers excellent banking services for NRI and Indian customers.

5. Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland (रॉयल बैंक ऑफ स्काटलैंड) established in the year 1921. It is functioning successfully in the Indian market for more than 90 years. It has around ten branches in different locations in India. It offers banking services like foreign exchange, finance advisory and debt capital market.

4. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank  (ड्यूश बैंक) is a German-based bank and established in the year 1980. The headquarters is at Mumbai and has more than 18 branches throughout the country. Currently, it has more than five lakhs customers. The bank offers excellent banking services including financial advisory, foreign exchange, credit and debt-based services as well as other banking services.

3. HSBC India

HSBC Bank (एचएसबीसी बैंक) is one among the oldest international Banks in India. It has over lakhs of customers. It has more than 50 Branches across the country. Its banking services include foreign exchange, credit card, debit card, internet banking, and loans.

2. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank (स्टेंडर्ड चार्टर्ड बैंक) obtains the 2nd rank among the International Companies in India. It established in the year 1969 and currently it has around 102 branches across India. It offers excellent banking services with a broad base of happy customers.

1. Citi Bank

Citi Bank (सिटी बैंक) scores the top rank as the best Foreign bank in India. It established in the year 1902 and offers a wide range of banking services. It has around 750 ATMs across the country, and about 7500 employees work with this bank.

Indian economy is growing fast and dragging attention of foreign countries since many years. In future days we may see other International banks in the country.


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