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What is TRF Meaning in Bank of India?

Bank of India (BOI) is a state-owned commercial bank primarily based in Mumbai with a total of 5092 branches in every state of India as well as a presence in 22 foreign countries. The bank […]

account number digits of banks in india

All Banks Account Number Digits in India

India is a country with a banking system serving a vast population. In general, Indian Banks are classified into two groups, namely scheduled bank and non-scheduled banks. The scheduled group includes a commercial bank, small […]

CLG Full Form in Banking

What is CLG Full Form in Banking?

Very often, you may have noticed in your passbook or bank statements the word ‘CLG‘ associated with money deposited to your bank account via cheques. Suppose someone issues you a cheque as a payment of […]

Meaning of No Frills Account

What is Meaning of No Frills Account?

Banks are vital financial institutions of an economy. They function by borrowing money from depositors offering them a particular annual rate of interest and lending the money to the borrowers, at a higher rate of […]

top cooperative banks in India

Top 10 Cooperative Banks in India

Today, more than 80% of the Indian population has a bank account to their name. However, even today, if an adult is asked about the definition of a bank, he or she might stumble on […]

Unblock PNB ATM Debit Card

How to Unblock PNB ATM Debit Card?

Each technology comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Today, we would be discussing one such technology that has helped us in transforming the entire banking sector, ATM cards. ATM cards are the need of […]

mmt in bank statement

What is MMT in Bank Statement?

Every now and then when you would have glanced on to your bank statement, you would have come across the word MMT and wondered what it does stand for. Well, no more would that be […]