What is CR Full Form in Bank Statement?

CR on a bank statement stands for “Credit.” This phrase indicates any credit transactions that occurred in your account during the statement period. The “CR” symbol next to a transaction on your bank statement indicates that money has been credited to your account. This could include money coming into your account via deposits, withdrawals from other accounts, interest, refunds, or any other source.

  1. Any money you or any third person deposits into your account (like cash, checks, or transfers) from other accounts will be shown as a credit to your account.
  2. Funds transferred from one of your other accounts, possibly from the same bank too (such as a savings account to a checking account), will show up in the recipient account as a credit.
  3. Your account will be credited with the refund if you return an item you bought and receive one.
  4. The interest amount will be credited to your account periodically and displayed as “CR“, usually at the end of each month, if your account earns interest.
  5. The reimbursed amount that is repaid to you for costs that you spent out of pocket, including business travel expenditures, will be deposited into your account.

CR Full Form in Bank Statement

How do I check if Money is Credited to my Account?

  1. The majority of banks provide real-time account activity and balance viewing through their online banking services. Using your login credentials, use your bank’s online banking system or mobile app and go to the account in question. Check your account history or recent transactions to see if the money has been credited.
  2. Regularly, your bank might send you statements, in print or electronically, that summarise the activities on your account for a given time frame. To find out if the credited amount is shown in your account balance, check your most recent bank statement.
  3. You can check the balance of your account at an ATM if your account is connected to an ATM card. To check your balance, just insert your card, enter your PIN, and choose that option. Your current account balance, including any credited amounts, will be shown by the ATM.
  4. Several banks have alert services that send you text messages or emails when there is activity on your account, such as a credit transaction. If you have enabled such alerts, you may be notified as soon as the funds are credited to your account.
  5. If you are unable to check your account balance online or by other means, you can always call your bank’s customer service department. A person can help you confirm whether the funds have been credited to your account and provide you with any additional information.


Next time, when you check your bank statement, you won’t get confused about the term “CR“. Also, this article provides a glimpse of how to check if you expect any amount to be credited and what the scope of the amount credited to your account is. As most of the banks have already introduced their mobile applications and net banking, it is easier than ever to check your bank statement in minutes.

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