RBL Bank Full Form – Know Full Name of RBL Bank

RBL Bank is one of the premier and leading commercial banks across the country. With many branches spread all over the country, the bank offers its services to the various sectors including commercial institutes; agricultural development banking, etc.

The headquarters are situated in Maharashtra, Mumbai. Well, the interesting facts about this bank are that it connects with many online applications and has its shareholder with those networking sites, for example, Money Tap.

RBL Bank Full Form

The full form of RBL is Ratnakar Bank Limited.

Knowing A Bit More About RBL Bank

The IFSC codes of the bank are registered under Reserve Bank of India for each and every branch. This code will be different for each and every branch. The IFSC code generated for the saving bank accounts is different from the credit card code.

And, the industry works for banking financial services. The main products of the bank are consumer banking, finance, insurance, corporate banking, etc. The credit card issued under the RBL is designed with the promising requirements of the consumers. It has an exclusive significance. Yes, it is!

Ratnakar Bank Limited allows you to get register your account for the services you required. You will get the statement of your accounts starting from all the information you need to know as a cardholder.
You will get the information of your credited and debited fund transaction easily by the statement, pretty impressive right?

Once you are registered your account, you can have a choice to receive the statement by mail or post. Once you made the choice you will receive it every month.

You can check their websites and easily download the statement and if there are any issues developed during the banking services you can directly call on the customer service number.

Ratnakar Bank Limited has an operating income of amount 681.49 crore rupees with net income of amount 446.05 crore rupees.


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