Full Forms Of YES, IDFC, UCO And RBL Bank

Banks are an integral part of our lives. There are various banks present that providing lots of valuable services but many people are not familiar with the full forms of the banks. On the deposited savings, banks provide the interests.

With the help of various Banks, Electronic Payments are becoming popular day by day for which people can carry less cash with them. Banks are offering card payments, direct debits, transfers, etc. Banks are also issuing loans to individuals and companies.

Many banks use abbreviations instead of the full names for the business purpose. For proving some knowledge, the full names of some banks and other details are described below:


YES BANK stands for Youth Enterprise Scheme Bank. The founder, CEO, and managing director of the Yes Bank is Rana Kapoor. This Bank provides various incredible services, such as Treasury and Risk Management Solutions, Loans, Transactions Banking Solutions, Debt Capital Markets, Surplus and Investments, Investment Banking Solutions, Digital Banking, etc.


It stands for Infrastructure Development Finance Company. IDFC Bank is offering various Personal Banking Services like Accounts, Deposits, Loans, Investments, Insurance, Online Services, Payments, Cards, and Bharat Bill Pay (BBPS).

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The Business Banking Services are Accounts And Deposits, Cash Management Services, Loans, Business Investment Solutions, Business Protection Solutions, Forex Services, Online Services, and Cards.


UCO Bank stands for United Commercial Bank. This Bank offers a number of services such as Loans & Advances, Deposits, UCO M Banking Services, Debit Card, Debit Card Hot Listing, and UCO UPI in the Personal Banking Category. In Corporate Banking segment, the provided services are Loans & Advances, Deposit, and Value Added Services.

In International Banking category, the services are Products and Services, Foreign Currency Loans, Remittances, Forex and Treasury Services, NRI Corner, Overseas Centres Services, Swift Codes, etc.

RBL Bank

RBL bank formely know as The Ratnakar Bank limited is one of oldest private sector bank in India. The bank offers various credit card, Fixed deposit schemes, NRI Deposits, Digital saving account, loans and various other services.

Banks play a vital role in our lives, and so some information should always be kept handy regarding various Banks.

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