CIF Number Full Form & CIF Meaning Explained

Before going to discuss the CIF number, it is necessary to know the full form of ‘CIF‘. The CIF stands for ‘Customer Information File‘. Obviously, the file has a number which is known as the ‘CIF Number‘.  This is the file that carries all the valuable banking information of the account holder in digital format. For one bank you must have one CIF number, but under this number you may have multiple accounts.

The CIF is an 11-digit number that gives the bank detailed information about any customer when retrieves. That is the CIF holds the personal & account related information of any customer. So, the number has great importance to any bank as the number allows the concerned bank to observe the accounts of any customer.

This number gives the information like who is the owner of the account, credit relationship, account type, balance in the account or transaction history of the account, loan history, demat, KYC details etc.

The format of the number varies with the banks i.e. different banks follow the different format for this number. This number is very important for mobile banking or internet banking as here this number works as a user ID.

The CIF number may differ from bank to bank. For example:

AXIS Bank holds : : 4-digit.
HDFC : : 8-digit.
Central Bank of India : :10-digit.
SBI : : 11-digit.

Now, the most important point is that how a customer collects this number from the bank. When you open a new account to any bank, the bank will create the number first.  Here is some important general scenario:

  • When you receive the printed passbook from the bank ask for the number and record it to your passbook.
  • When you receive an FD certificate, you will get this number automatically which will be on the right side of your name mentioned on that certificate.
  • If you have active net banking when you log in your account you will notice it on the home screen.


  1. I WANT to open m pass book of central bank of India but is asking for cif no. How to get it?

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