How to Generate ATM PIN For Bank of Baroda Debit Card Online

Do you have an account with Bank of Baroda? Do you have access to the entire banking facilities offered by the bank? Do you use ATM/Debit Card? Of course. Using ATM Card is common for making transactions.

You can withdraw cash as well as transfer to another account. Nowadays, account holders use ATM cards for online shopping and payments. Along with the tech advancements and facilities, frauds developed new techniques of phishing.

They can cheat and bankrupt you either online or in other physical means. The Reserve Bank of India, as well as all other banks, advises the customers to change the ATM PIN in regular intervals.

You need to generate a new ATM PIN in regular intervals, and even you would require generating a new PIN, in case you lost the previous one.

Steps to Generate a new ATM PIN through BOB ATM

Step 1: Visit any ATM center of Bank of Baroda. Insert the ATM Card in the card slot and drag it back slowly. Select the language.

Step 2: Select Set/Re-Generate PIN displayed on the screen.

Step 3: Enter the account number and select Correct. Again enter the account number and select correctly.

generate atm pin bank of baroda

Step 4: Enter your mobile number registered with the bank account and select Correct.

Step 5: You will receive the OTP and enter it in the screen and select Correct.

Step 6: Select Press to set new PIN and enter a four-digit PIN After generating the new PIN, click on the Enter button.

To confirm, re-enter the new PIN and click on the Enter button.

You need not visit the branch and request to generate a new PIN. You can do it by self without requiring any expert assistance. Following the procedure is easy and is a matter of a few minutes.

After resetting the new PIN, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile number. So, make sure to carry the registered mobile number to the ATM center.

In case of any problem or want to regenerate your atm PIN, you can call them on these toll-free numbers 1800223344 or 18001024455 and request for a physical PIN number.

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