How to Know Dena Bank Customer ID Number

Do you have an account with Dena Bank? Do you have access to the net banking facilities? You must activate the net banking services for your account! Net Banking services and facilities made banking convenient and easily accessible.

The account holders can easily access the banking facilities and make transactions without visiting the branch or ATM center. You can access the services and facilities from anywhere.

The bank provides a Customer ID number to the customers, which you need to enter as the User ID to Login and access net banking facilities. The Customer ID is unique and enables the banking system to recognize the customer.

After recognizing, the banking system allows the customer to access net banking services and make transactions from the account linked to the customer ID.

You need to visit the branch and submit a written application to the branch manager requesting to activate net banking services for the account. You have to provide the necessary documents related to the identity of the account holder.

You need to attach the relevant document with the application and undersign it. Apply with the attached documents. Dena Bank will take a few days time to process your application.

After seven working days, you have to visit the branch and inquire about the application status. You will receive the Customer ID in a closed envelope.

Make sure to keep the Customer ID number safe to prevent fraudulence.

You can also request to activate net banking using Dena Debit/Gold/Insta Card. You will receive the Customer ID via SMS on your registered mobile number. You have to follow the steps to set/change the passwords.

Every time you want to access Net Banking services, you have to enter the unique Customer ID number. Enjoy banking services from anywhere with activating net banking services!


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