Latest Indian Bank Locker Charges 2024

Indian Bank was established in the year 1907, on 15th August as a part of the Swadeshi movement. It is a state-owned financial service at that time headquartered in Chennai, India.

After 71 years of establishment, the Government of India owned the bank in 1978. Indian bank has 20,924 employees, and 2900 branches with 2861 ATMs on the current day. On 1st April 2020, Allahabad Bank merged with an Indian bank, and now Indian Bank is the 7th largest bank in India.

In this article, we will be describing the locker system of Indian banks.

Eligibility, process, and terms & condition of opening a locker

For opening a bank locker, you have to visit the nearest branch of the bank and fill in the formalities. The very first thing required is you must have a current account or saving account in the bank.

If you don’t have then the panel of sincere employees of the Indian bank will help you to make an account. Then the passport-size photograph of the applicant will be required. Identity cards along with Aadhar numbers and PAN number need to be submitted then.

A customer can hold the locker in single or joint names. Disabled people are also eligible for opening a locker. A bank locker can also be opened by a limited company. In fact, a trust, Club, Society, or any association can open a bank locker.

Indian Bank Locker Charges

Whereas a minor cannot apply for a bank locker. A minor can be a nominee of account only if the parent of the minor or any other trusted person is ready to take the money on behalf of the child.

An individual can appoint a person who can operate the locker except for the owner and will be known as the Authorized person. The Authorized Person is not allowed to use the locker after the locker holder dies. Authorization in favor of a blind person, or a minor is not permitted.

The bank will not allow the continuation of the operation of a locker in case the account holder comes bank drunk or is found to have inappropriate behavior. The bank locker may also get terminated if the rent of the locker is in arrears.

Charges of Indian Bank locker

The locker rate of banks will vary from one bank to another. The locker is generally classified into three categories according to size small, medium, and large. As the size increases, the rate will also increase.

The size of the small locker is around 4.5 x 5.875 x 20.75 ( in inches ), and the large one is 15.5 x 19.9375 x 20.875 ( in inches ). In Indian Bank, the rate of the small locker is Rs. 500 P.A, the medium one is Rs. 500 P.A. and the large one is Rs. 1000 P.A.

 Service Charges
Locker Charges Small/ Medium: 500
Large/Extra Large: 1000
Case of Overdue Rent 1st Quarter – 10% of the Rent
2nd Quarter – 20% of the Rent
3rd Quarter Onwards – 25% of the Rent
Quarter onwards: 40% of the rent
Lost Key Charges Rs 500 plus GST
No of operations  12 operations free per year

Beyond that Rs. 100 per Visit

Updated: 18 February 2024

To continue the locker service, you must have to visit the bank locker at least once a year. Failing to do so, the punishment depends on which category of risk customers you belong to.

Customers in the low-risk group will be given more time. In contrast, medium and high-risk category users will be given notice, and their locker will continue only if they can provide a valid reason for absence.

I hope this article is helpful enough for you to understand the locker charges of Indian Bank.

Disclaimer: Services charges keep changing frequently. Please confirm it from the official website.


  1. I am a retired staff of Indian Bank My is 14348. I have a small locker & on 2nd.july bank has debited Rs 1180 as locker rent .Hence kindly reimburse the excess amount debited.

  2. I have been charged 2,400rs for the locker rent per annum is this feasible amount what they charge and my locker is small size.

    • I have one medium locker I am staff category
      In Indian bank please advice revised locker rent

  3. Today just now I received a message from an Indian bank stating that locker rent stands revised wef.18.11.2022. Please let me know what will be the revised rental payment details please.

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