Latest Axis Bank Locker Charges 2024

Now, customers need not rely upon an external source to store their valuables. Banks provide a provision to their customers by providing them with their safe deposit locker facilities.

Similarly, the customers of Axis Banks, too, can keep their precious valuables in their respective branches of Axis banks. But to avail of the benefits of this service, Axis Bank charges its customers with locker rentals.

Here, we have discussed everything about the Axis Bank Locker Charges in detail.

Axis Bank Locker

Bank Lockers are also known as Safe Deposit Lockers. Bank customers use it to store their valuable items. Banks charge a locker service fee from their customers depending upon the size of the locker they hold.

Features Of Axis Safe Deposit Lockers

The Axis Bank provides the following locker services to its customers:

  1. Axis Bank provides a locker facility in more than its two-thousand branches.
  2. A customer can choose any size of the locker- small, medium, large, or extra-large locker.
  3. The locker rentals are charged based on their location and size.
  4. A customer can add a nominee to its safe deposit locker.
  5. The locker charges get debited from the customer’s bank account, annually.
  6. Axis Bank customers can book the locker size of their choice online.

With the above-listed benefits, the customers of Axis Bank can opt to choose a bank locker for the safe custody of their valuables with Axis Bank.

Axis Bank Locker Charges

Locker Charges in Axis Bank

Similar to other banks, Axis Bank, too, charges its customers a locker service fee. The annual locker rentals for Axis Bank are:

Axis bank Locker Size Axis Bank Locker Charges
Small Rural – Rs. 1500
Semi-urban – Rs. 1700
Metro/Urban – Rs. 3105
Medium Rural – Rs. 2200
Semi-urban – Rs. 2500
Metro/Urban – Rs. 6900
Large Rural – Rs. 5000
Semi-urban – Rs. 5500
Metro/Urban – Rs. 11800
X-Large Rural – Rs. 10000
Semi-urban – Rs. 11000
Metro/Urban – Rs. 14256

Last Updated: 10 February 2024


Even for the same locations, rentals can vary between different branches. Hence, you must check for the applicable locker rent through the internet or by visiting the nearest Axis Bank branch.

Terms And Conditions Of Axis Bank Locker Services

To use the locker services of any bank puts forth some terms and conditions. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Banks charge an annual locker rent.
  2. Locker rent is collected in advance from the customers.
  3. In case of late payment, banks charge a monthly penalty of 2.5%. The bank is entitled to charge a penalty of a maximum of 25%.
  4. The banks charge a one-time locker registration fee exclusive of GST amounting to 1000 INR.
  5. In a calendar month, a customer is allowed up to 3 free locker visits. After that, each locker visit costs 100 INR + GST.

Keeping in mind such terms and conditions of a bank locker, any customer can opt to choose a locker facility in Axis Bank.


By going through the above-mentioned details, the customers can easily take benefit of the locker facility services of Axis Bank. But one must keep in mind that the Axis locker charges might not be the same for all the locations and branches.

Therefore, a customer must visit the bank’s official website or the nearest Axis bank branch to know the current locker charges. For any information, a person must only rely on Axis bank’s official website. He must beware of potential fraudsters and imposters.

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