Latest HDFC Bank Account Closing Charges 2024

An account holder is allowed to shut down his bank account in HDFC Bank as per his will. But for doing so, the bank deducts account closing charges for the same. The banks levy the account closing charges to recover the costs of issuing their account holders- the account opening kit and a debit card.

It can also include a Chequebook. If we talk about the HDFC Bank Account Closing Charges, then just like the other banks HDFC Bank too, charges its customers an account closure fee for opting to close their bank accounts.

Why Do Customers Close A Bank Account In The HDFC Bank?

A bank customer can choose to close any of his bank accounts, i.e. savings bank account, Salary Account, NRE/NRO Account, Demat account or current account, or fixed deposit account in the HDFC Bank for any reason. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • High account maintenance charges and high transaction charges.
  • Provision of a lower rate of interest or bank’s customer care services being poor.
  • The account holder has multiple accounts in the same bank.
  • If the account holder is not able to maintain the minimum account balance that a bank requires the account holder to hold.
  • Transfer of the account holder to some other city or state and reason demanding the account holder to leave the nation.
  • If the account holder has multiple accounts in the bank.
  • Reason resulting in the death of the account holder.

All or some of the reasons listed above can result in the shutting down of an account by the account holders in their HDFC Bank account.

hdfc bank account closing charges

Account Closing Charges in HDFC Bank

Type of Account Closure Charges Closure Charges
HDFC Bank Saving Account Closing Charges Upto 14 days – Nil
15 Days to 12 months – Rs 500/- ( Rs 300/- for Senior Citizens)
Beyond 12 months – Nil
HDFC Bank Current Account Closing Charges Up to 14 days – No Charge
15 days to 6 months – Rs. 500
6 months to 12 months – Rs. 500
Beyond 12 months – No Charge
HDFC Bank NRE/NRO Account Closing Charges Upto 14 days – No Charge
15 days upto 12 months – Rs 500
Beyond 12 months – No Charge
HDFC Bank Demat Account Closing Charges NA
HDFC Bank Salary Account Closing Charges Upto 14 days – No Charge
15 days upto 12 months – Rs 500/-
Beyond 12 months – No Charge

Table Updated: 15 February 2024


This article gave you a clear insight into the HDFC Bank Account Closure Charges. Though, HDFC Bank does not charge its customers any closing amount if its account holder closes his bank account within fourteen days of opening or after a period of one year.

But, if the account holder opts to close his bank account for any reason between fourteen days of opening his bank account and a period of one year then the HDFC bank charges a minimum amount as its account closure fee. The amount also differs if the account holder is closing his account between fifteen days to six months or whether he is closing his account between six months to twelve months.

The amount of account closure charges also differ regarding the type of account an account holder holds in the HDFC bank. For more information, an account holder can contact the bank’s customer care service or he can also visit his nearest HDFC bank branch, whichever option he feels comfortable with.


  1. sir I want to know how much ammount I will get It I close today my HDFC bank FD of 10lakh maturity date 5.9.2023.Pl inform.

    • Go to the bank and ask them to close an account, you need to fill out the form for closure and they will ask you to withdraw all your money and you have to pay 500 for that, better to close the HDFC account as they have pathetic service all the time and high maintain charges , they cheap bank charge for cheque and debit card while open the account and close the account, instead don’t want to make good service

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