SBI Cheque Clearing Time – Check Clearing Process in SBI

Generally, it takes at least three days and, on average, 15 days to clear a cheque in the State Bank of India (SBI). However, there may be some complications, such as lost cheques or clearing fraud-related issues also.

The first Cheque Truncation Solution (CTS) with ten pilot banks was implemented by the Reserve Bank of India in the National Capital Region, New Delhi, from 1st February 2008, and then a deadline was set as 30th April 2008 for all the banks. After that, another CTS was launched in Chennai on 24th September 2011.

You should know that Truncation is the procedure used to stop the distribution of physical cheques. To do this, a scanned image of the cheque is processed under CTS when a cheque is deposited by a customer. For example, suppose you receive a cheque from a client who owns a bank account at ICICI Bank, Bandra, in Mumbai, and you are holding a bank account with SBI in the Connaught Place branch.

In a manner conforming with CTS, once a cheque is deposited by you at your branch, SBI will manage to scan it and send its digital image to RBI. Then, RBI will pick up the funds from ICICI Bank and transfer them to SBI so that they may be deposited into your account. This entire process is accessible all day and all night. And it may take around 24 hours or less.

However, you may request a duplicate copy of the cheque’s image even though the actual cheque is stored with the bank. If you are a bank account holder with SBI bank and used to deposit cheques in your bank account, then you should know about SBI Cheque Clearing Time. So let us have a look.

What is the SBI Cheque Clearing Time?

You should know that the cheques that are deposited at the counters of the bank branch, and the cheques that are deposited in the drop-box within the bank branch premises before the designated cut-off time, will be ensured to be sent for clearance on the same day. To do this, the clearance period will be considered as T+1 working day.

Whereas the cheques that are deposited after this cut-off time will be sent for clearing on the next day. To do this, the clearance period will be considered as T+2 working days.

SBI Cheque Clearing Time

For your information, T+1 means as trade date plus one other day. For example, suppose a transaction takes place on a Monday. Then in such a case, the settlement must take place by Tuesday. Similarly, T+2 means trade date plus two other days. So, for example, suppose a transaction takes place on a Monday, then settlement must be settled by Wednesday, assuming no holidays take place between these days.

Outsation Cheque clearing time in SBI

When you deposit your cheque in another city’s branch, then it’s called outstation clearing. For clearing a Cheque, it will take 6 Days to 10 Days in SBI Branches and 7 Days to 14 Days in Branches of Other Banks.

High-Value cheque Clearing in SBI

Before clearing high-value cheques above 1 lakh, they will send you an SMS alert or call you for confirmation. Then, they will clear the cheque. So this way, you can quickly learn about the Cheque Clearing Time at the State bank of India.

Final Takeaway Thoughts

That’s all for this article. Hopefully, after reading this post, all your doubts will be cleared about What is the SBI Cheque Clearing Time and process.

However, you should know that SBI has officially launched a new service, “Positive Pay System,” from 1st January 2021 to make its customer’s Cheque payments secure. After implementing the new rule, cheques beyond ₹50,000 value will need re-confirmation of some critical details, such as account number, cheque number, cheque amount, cheque date, and the payee name with respect to the cheque payments.

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    I sent a check from yes bank four days ago for clearing but it has not been deposited yet.wide cheque number 515209 ammount 200000

  2. My doubt that my friends daughter deposits the cheque in SBI she got message also but the clearance delayed past two days. The amount is five lakes. Here the transaction in same city. For that I like to know the details.

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