What is The Type of Passport Booklet in India?

Are you an Indian citizen? Have you obtained a passport yet? Passport is a document commonly owned by the Indian citizens who travel overseas. The passport doesn’t just work as a travel document; it is valid identity proof of the individuals.

The passport gets issued under the order of the President of India as per the Passports Act, 1967. Indian Passports get issued to eligible Indian citizens. The Indian Government issues three types of passport to the citizens depending on their eligibility. If you are applying to obtain a passport, you must have the general idea about the type of passport booklet in India.

Three types of passport booklet in India

  1. Regular Indian Passport classified as Type P gets issued to any ordinary citizen for vacations, studies or business tours facilitating them for international trips. The regular passport has a blue cover and the booklet could either have 36 pages or 60 pages which can be done upon request and extra charges are applicable too. Under normal circumstances, the validity of the regular passport is ten years, and it can get renewed for another ten years.
  2. Official Indian Passport classified as Type S gets issued to individuals who travel overseas representing the Indian government for official works. The booklet of this type of passport has a grey cover and is released to the government authorized persons or any non-gazette servant.
  3. Diplomatic Indian Passport classified as Type D gets issued to the Indian Diplomats, Members of National Government, official public couriers, judiciary, statutory authorities and other top-ranking government officers. The Diplomatic Passport booklet has a maroon cover.

type of passport booklet in india

India Passport Booklet

The passport booklets are available in two types, i.e., with 36 pages and 60 pages. Under normal circumstances, the passport gets issued with booklets of 36 pages, but if you require a booklet of 60 pages, you need to mention it earlier and pay the applicable charges.

Before you apply for a passport, make sure to collect maximum info about the process and for which passport you are eligible!

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