How To Check NEFT Transaction Status Online

Do you require making payments most often? Which mode of payment do you use for making the payment? Cash payment is not a preferable option and not suitable in all cases. Cheque payment is a preferable option, but it is quite time-consuming.

Online transaction is a safe transaction mode with which you can transfer the amount easily and within a few minutes! NEFT- National Electronic Fund Transfer is the fastest and safest mode of transaction. The NEFT mode of transaction gained wide acceptance and is an excellent replacement for the traditional mode of payment via cheques.

You have to pay minimal charges for accessing this facility of transferring money. NEFT transaction mode has no disadvantages. After making the transaction via NEFT, you would certainly like to check the NEFT Transaction Status.

Checking the transaction status, you will get confirmed that the amount credited to the party was successful.

There are three different ways with which you can check the NEFT transaction status.

1. SMS

In the process of sending money via NEFT, after adding the beneficiary, you have to provide your email ID and mobile number. When the beneficiary receives the money, you will receive SMS instantly. The SMS states successful transaction via NEFT.

2. Email

You have to provide your email ID and mobile number while making the transaction via NEFT after adding the beneficiary. After the recipient receives the money, you will receive an instant alert on your email ID. Check the mail to confirm the successful transaction via NEFT.

3. Contact the bank

In less than two hours, the beneficiary receives the amount via NEFT transaction. If after two hours you don’t receive any confirmation message via SMS or Email, you need to contact the bank. Before making the transaction check the IFSC code of the beneficiary account.

If you provide incorrect IFSC code, the transaction will fail. If the transaction amount already got deducted from your account and you provided an incorrect IFSC code, you will receive back the deducted amount.

You can also call their customer care toll free number and enquiry about transaction status.

NEFT is a safe transaction mode and popular for making transactions of less amount. RTGS is popular for bigger transactions and is the fastest mode.

If you provided an active mobile number and email ID and entered correct IFSC code but didn’t receive any confirmation message, contact the bank immediately. But, you must wait at least for two hours before visiting the bank.

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