How to Download Axis Bank Account Statement in PDF Format

The statement of our bank account is a document that we do needs at various official works. The statement of the bank account is used by many as proof of their identity. Thus, it happens to be a really important document for us.

Today, we would be discussing how we can download the Axis Bank account statement in pdf format at any time online. Before we move on to the actual steps to download the PDF, I would like to mention a few prerequisites that you would be needing to avail of the service online.

The first of the two would be an obvious one, an internet connection. Obviously, it would be impossible to get the PDF of the Axis Bank account unless you have an internet connection. Second and more importantly would be internet banking of axis bank. One can only avail of the service if they have the internet banking facility of the bank.

Now coming directly to the steps that you would have to follow to download the pdf of your Axis Bank account statement anytime the page that opens up.

Steps to download Online Axis Bank account Statement in PDF Format

Step 1. Go to the website from your browser. This is the official website for internet banking in Axis bank. In the page that opens up, type in your Customer ID and password to log in to your personal net banking account.

axis net banking login

Step 2. Once you have logged in to your internet banking account, you will be redirected to the dashboard. From the top bar, navigate to the Accounts tab and then select the account type of which you would need to download the account statement.

axis bank detailed statement

Clicking on the account type would open up another page that would show you all the details of your particular account. In this view, click on the Detailed Statement section which is present as a tab below the account information.

Step 3:  On clicking on the same, another page would come up which would ask you to mention the dates between which you would want to have your account statement. Adjust the dates according to your need, so that you can get the required account statement.

Alternatively, you can click on the Transaction Period drop-down and select an appropriate time period like the last month or two months to get the statement for the same without checking on the dates.

download axis bank account statement

Now in the same view, you would get an option Display Format which has a drop-down. In the drop-down select PDF, make sure that you have selected PDf in this section to get a PDF that is downloaded.

Once you have checked the date and the Display format, click on the Get Statement button, so as to get your statement. As soon as you click on this, the statement would be downloaded in your system.

Now, if you are done with your online needs, make sure that you log out of your internet banking website. This would give you a very vibrant idea about how to get your Account statement of Axis Bank in PDF format.


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