How To Check RBL Credit Card Balance Through Missed Call

RBL Bank is a national bank that follows the norms presented by the Reserve Bank of India. The bank has been delivering abundantly convenient services and facilities to its customers in the public banking sector. Having an account in an RBL bank means enjoying a lot of facilities and services offered by them.

These services include net banking, online money transfer, SMS alerts, missed call alerts, and many more.

In this article, we will talk about checking the credit card balance via a missed call. This is one of the finest features that RBL bank offers. Credit cards are an essential part of any bank holders.

More than 50 percent of the account holders of the RBL bank can avail this credit card feature. These people often ask questions like how they can quickly check their credit card balance.

RBL bank has a simple solution for that, which is the missed call feature. Through this overlooked call feature, one gets an instant notification regarding all the crucial information regarding their credit card and other bank details.

RBL Credit Card Missed Call Balance Enquiry Number

For an account holder who has their mobile number registered with the bank, it is elementary to access the missed call feature.

That entire person needs to do is give a missed call on the number – 18004190610. One must keep in mind that the missed call must be given through the number they have registered with their account on the RBL Bank.

After giving the missed call, they will almost instantly receive an SMS alert on their registered mobile number. This SMS will include all the combined details of all the RBL bank accounts that person has linked with that bank. The details include account number, bank balance, credit card balance, interest rate, etc.

The most crucial point to be kept in mind is that the missed call must be given through the number registered with the bank account and that the SMS alert will be arriving at that same registered mobile number.

rbl credit card balance check

Registering the number for Missed call service:

As the earlier section emphasized, giving missed calls through registered mobile numbers, many don’t know what a registered mobile number is and how to register the number.

Each account that a person creates can link a phone number with the account on which they can receive regular updates regarding the bank transactions and other details. Linking this mobile number is simple. All one needs to do is visit an RBL bank branch and ask for registering a mobile number to their pre-existing bank account.

Services  Balance Enquiry
Missed Call number 18004190610
Customer Care Number +91 22 6115 6300
Email [email protected]


RBL bank is one of the most important and reputed banks in our country. They offer several services. One such service is the checking of the individual’s credit card balance via missed call.

Credit cards are an integral part of the account holder’s facilities, and checking its balance is crucial. RBL gives the option of following simple steps to check their credit card balance.

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