How to Check Axis Bank Credit Card Balance Online

AXIS Bank is a national bank that follows the norms presented by the Reserve Bank of India. The bank has been delivering abundantly convenient services and facilities to its customers in the public banking sector. Having an account in an AXIS bank means enjoying a lot of facilities and services offered by them.

These services include net banking, online money transfer, SMS alerts, missed call alerts, and many more.

This article will talk about checking the credit card balance via SMS, net banking, and AXIS mobile app. This is one of the finest features that AXIS bank offers. Credit cards are an essential part of any bank holders. A large number of account holders in the AXIS bank can avail of this credit card feature. These people often ask questions like how they can quickly check their credit card balance.

1. Via net banking

There is another way of checking crucial information regarding the credit card. Here one can check the details regarding credit cards very easily via the AXIS net banking feature. The steps are as follows.

  • Login to the AXIS net banking site using the username and password.
  • From the menu, one must select ‘Cards‘ options and then click on ‘Balance and Payment’.
  • All the details then will be shown, including credit card balance, a number of active cards, credit limit, etc., when you select the credit card option after that.

2. Using AXIS mobile app

One can also check vital details regarding the credit card through the AXIS mobile app. This is a simple way, and all one needs to do is download the app on their phone. The next steps are easy and are as follows.

  • Log in to the app using the username and password.
  • Then click on ‘more‘ and select the ‘Credit cards‘ option.

Details of all the cards linked with the account will be shown instantly, including balance, credit limits, etc.

Axis Bank Credit Card Balance Online

3. Via SMS

  • AXIS bank makes checking one’s credit card balance and other credit card related vital information very easy. One can simply send an SMS to check such details.
  • One can easily get the SMS regarding all their credit card details; all they have to do is follow the simple steps. These steps are as follows.
  • Sending the text ‘BAL‘ along with the account number to the number 5676782.
  • One must keep in mind that the text must be sent through the number that the person has registered with the bank.

To Sum It Up

AXIS is one of the finest banks in India. Over thousands of people have accounts in AXIS bank and enjoy a lot of services. One such service is the credit card. Regarding credit cards, there are several ways through which one can easily check vital details like credit balance, limit, etc. The ways of receiving these details are simple, and one just needs to follow some simple steps.

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