How to Check LIC Policy Status Without Registration

The LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) Policyholder often faces the problem of getting their status just because they couldn’t get much time to visit the office, contact their agent, or creating a login to check the LIC Portal. But it would help if you didn’t worry as the LIC Policy status can be checked without registration through any contact number or SMS.

You can quickly know your LIC Policy status online by registering your account details of the policy and other information. As you often forgot the password or username.

Therefore, you shouldn’t worry as below there are a few steps you need to follow to check your Policy status without registering your mobile phone neither any SMS required.

Steps to Check your LIC policy status without Registration

1. By Calling to LIC Helpline Number

LIC offers the facility of 24*7 helpline number 02268276827. With the helpline number, you can get your policy status with manual intervention. Here the policy registration is not at all required.

During the call, the only this you need to offer is your policy number. It doesn’t only offer your policy status, bonus accumulated and loan availability, and other policy status details by contacting this number.

lic policy status through sms

2. Get LIC Policy Details Through SMS

You can know your policy status by sending an SMS. Even though SMS, there is no need to register your policy number. You need to send an SMS with the defined long and shortcodes with the given codes you can quickly check into your policy status-

  • REV (Revival)– If a policy lapsed, you check the revival amount you need to pay.
  • PREM (Premium)– for checking the premium due to your policy
  • Loan: The loan amount you can receive through the policy
  • BONUS– The amount of bonus accumulated until today.
  • NOM (Nomination)- To know your policy nomination details.

and send it to 9222492224

In case of pension policy in LIC, then check the policy details through this:

  • STAT– IPP Policy Status
  • CHQRET– information of cheque return
  • ECDUE– Existence Certificate Due
  • PDTHRU– payment of pension through (Cheque/ NEFT/ECS)
  • AMOUNT– pension money
  • ANNPD– released date of the last pension

Through both the services, the more convenient is the SMS form rather than the helpline number. With these two policy checking, the LIC Policy status has been more comfortable.

You can check the status without traveling to the office just through calling the customer care center or through an SMS you get to know all the policy details. You receive each detail through a single call or SMS.

Services Number
Helpline Number 02268276827
SMS Number 9222492224
Working Hours Monday to Friday: 08.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m.
Saturday : 10.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.

If you are worried about getting the details as you couldn’t get time to visit the LIC office or forgot your password and username, follow these more manageable steps. You quickly get every detail without any worry, the details reached to you.

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