How To Download & Fill Up Bank Of Baroda Deposit Slip

Bank of Baroda is one of the oldest and prominent banks. Several people have trust in this bank and have also created accounts in such a respected bank. Also, this bank provides a larger number of facilities to its users.

Filling and depositing can be a major issue for those who are doing it for the first time. The Bank Of Baroda deposit slip is required to fill the required data very carefully and correctly without any errors.

Here are the steps one can follow if looking for the process of how to fill the deposit slip of Bank of Baroda and download it online:

Step 1: The BOB Bank itself provides the Deposit slip. One goes to its branch and can ask for the slip or either one can easily download its pdf online.

bob deposit slip download

Step 2: The deposit slip of BOB Bank consists of two sections or parts: the left part and the right part. The part which is extreme left is the customer copy and the extreme right part is termed as the bank copy. Now the relevant details that are required to fill the form is –

  • Account Number
  • Cheque/Cash Details
  • Amount to be deposit
  • Date

Now the user has to fill both the customer and bank copy correctly.

How to fill the Customer Copy in Deposit Slip?

1. First, write the date of depositing the amount and the BOB branch name from where the money is being deposited.

2. After this, correctly fill the 14 digit- Account number it can be (savings or current) in which one has to deposit the money in each square box separately. Also mention whether it is a saving or current account.

3. After filling this, fill in the Account holder’s name.

4. Now after doing this enter the required amount that is to be deposited in the bank.

5. Now to fill the given table just write the amount of cash that has to be deposited and write the number in terms of Rs and Ps in a round figure.

6. Write the total amount in words that is to be deposited, don’t forget to check the figure and whether the amount in words are the same or not.

Now How to fill the Bank Copy?

1. As done before, the branch name in which money has to be deposited and the date should be filled.

2. After that mark on the account type, such as whether it’s a saving account or current account.

3. Now simply fill in the account holder’s full name in the next section.

4. Now carefully without any error one has to write the account number which is also mentioned in the BOB bank passbook and enter the mobile number in the below section.

5. Fill the deposit amount in numbers and also in words. Fill the table correctly.

6. Sign of the depositor is a must so note to sign after filling the form.

After all this, one should check the slip twice so that nothing is missed out. There is no language barrier. One can easily fill up the deposit slip in Hindi or in the English language. Now submit this deposit slip to the counter of the bank and the rest will have proceeded.


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