How to Fill Up SBI Bank Deposit Slip?

State bank of India is one of the largest banks in the public banking sector. People across India prefer to open an account with SBI for its excellent banking facilities. It has the largest ATMs across the country which supports the account holders for convenient banking facilities.

If you have recently opened an account with State Bank of India, you must know about the banking services and the processes of accessing those services. Do you have any knowledge about the way to fill up SBI deposit slip? If not, you will get the step-by-step procedure to fill up the SBI Bank deposit slip/form in this article.

Steps to fill up SBI deposit slip

  1. Visit any SBI branch and collect the deposit form/slip from the counter. The deposit slip of SBI gets printed on both sides.
  2. The front side of the deposit slip gets divided into two sections, one for the depositor and the other section is bank’s copy.
  3. First of all, you need to write the ‘Branch Name‘ in the provided dotted space denoting branch in both the sections.
  4. The second step is to write the account number. Make sure to enter the account number correctly. Write a single number in every box, and the account number must get written in both sections.
  5. Write the particular date of deposit on both sections in the provided space.
  6. Write the Full Name of the Account Holder in both sections.
  7. Mention the amount of deposit in figures as well as alphabets in both sections.
  8.  In the bank’s copy, you need to provide your mobile number or the account holder’s mobile number in the provided space.
  9. You also need to mention the PAN number of the account holder which is optional but necessary if the deposit is above Rs 50, 000.
  10. Below the provided space for PAN Number, you need to write the Branch Name of Branch Code no, if the account belongs to any other branch or non-home branch.
  11.  On the right side of the bank’s copy, you need to Sign in the provided space for ‘Signature of the Depositor‘.
  12. Now turn the deposit slip and enter the denominations of cash you will deposit at the counter. Notes, coins and the total amount of the cash must be perfect.

sbi bank deposit slip

You need to produce the deposit slip as well as the cash at the counter. After accepting the money and adding the deposit amount to the account, the cashier will enter the stamp on both the sections of the front side and will return you the depositor’s copy.

The steps to fill up the SBI deposit slip are very easy, and you just need to enter the credentials correctly.


  1. I have taken a loan from sbi bank I need to pay my loan first instalment by cash which slips I need to fill up.

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