HRMS Odisha Login: Download Pay Slip From HRMS Odisha Gov In Portal

Before downloading the pay slip for HRMS Odisha, it is essential to have some information regarding the option. Here we are going to provide some details about it. So, HRMS basically stands for Human Resource Management System.

Now you must be wondering what that is. Well, that means it is a kind of storehouse of records for the employees related to their service under the Odisha government.

An employee can apply for a loan, leave, or any other grievances and request through HRMS. They may easily get sanctioned by the office. Yes! It is one of the best ways to meet the official issues of the employees.

Well, almost all companies have HRMS so that they can manage all the information about the employees. They have their own software for HRMS. Using the HRMS services, an organization can know about all the details for salary, attendance, employees, and GPF account. Mostly, it is used for the function of the HRMS pay slip.

Odisha government also has its own software for managing the detail of its employees. It is working under the site of HRMS Odisha. So, all the employees who work under the Odisha government can easily access it.

Login to HRMS Odisha and Download The Pay Slip

Well, to login to the HRMS Odisha account online you must be an active employee of the government of Odisha. You must have the password and the ID for logging in HRMS Odisha website. For all the employees working under the Odisha government, the HRMS manages the salary record that every month they receive.

The records are made in the form of the statement for each and every employee every month which is called the HRMS Odisha pay slip. So, since you are an employee who works under the Odisha government, you should get your payslip.

Well, you must have some ideas about how to download the HRMS Odisha pay slip. Following are a few tips that you must follow!

Step 1: The first and foremost thing you need to do is, get ready your HRMS ID and password. You must visit the official website for HRMS Odisha Login to the Portal for HRMS with just a single click on the login button. You must select the personal login.

hrms odisha login

You will need to enter your id and password, fill up the captcha and go for the login button.

Step 2: Here, you must get your profile, containing all the information data of your career. Now, go for the submission box. Inside the submission box, you must get the pay slip and try to find it. You can get it on the right side bottom of your profile page.

payslip hrms odisha

Step 3: Well, after clicking the pay slip button you can find a new window. The window that has opened newly is called the pay slip for HRMS Odisha

Alright! So, once you have opened the new window for the pay slip, you will need to fill in all the information that is required. For example, the particular year or the month for which you want to get the pay slip.

download hrms odisha payslip

So, once you have entered all the information you must click the ‘ok‘ button, you are all done! You can ‘view‘ your pay slip for the particular month.  Now you can download the HRMS Odisha pay slip in pdf format and take a printout easily.

So, these are some of the steps that you need to follow in order to have the best results. You can also update your profile and download your ID card online through this portal.

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