PNB Parivar HRMS Login – PNB Staff and Pensioners Portal

Were you working as staff at Punjab National Bank? Within your service period, you must have come across several modifications in banking services and facilities provided by the bank. PNB not just focuses on providing excellent banking services to its customers!

It also gives high values to its staffs as well as the retirees. If your work period covers 2006 or later period, you must be aware of PNB Parivar or the HRMS Package! PNB introduced HRMS Package for the payroll processing and salary requirements of the bank.

PNB HRMS and the offered services

This system also provides several other useful services. The facilities include attendance, performance appraisal, HR Management Information Management, Employee Selection, Training Management, Employee self-service, leave management and Promotion Process.

This system automatically gathers the data about an employee and generates the pay reports. The bank facilitates the employees to submit leave application online, control over assets and liabilities. The HRMS system offers a flexible framework and provides a plethora of services.

PNB HRMS offers the right to self-serve

Every staff and pensioner must log in to HRMS to avail the facilities and services. If you haven’t registered for HRMS, make sure to apply the application to your branch to the officer in charge.

You need to provide your personal and job info including your email ID and mobile number. You will receive the confirmation of activation via message and email. You will receive the unique User ID and Password which is essential to login.

  • Visit the official Net Banking site of PNB and click on Click here to login into HRMS.
  • You will get directed to a new page where you need to enter the User ID and Password in the provided boxes.
  • Enter Your PF Number and Password and click on Sign In button.

pnb parivar hrms login

HRMS is a flexible framework introduced by PNB for its staffs and pensioners. Logging in to your account, you can avail the facilities and services. For pensioners, you can track and calculate various deductions and get updated about the pay reports.

For the new staffs, HRMS offers a one-stop platform to access different facilities and administer the development activities. If you have no access to HRMS, confirm it from your branch!

Pensioners login to PNB HRMS

The retirees must change the login password. Log in using your PF number as the User ID and your date of birth in ‘ddmmyyyy’ format as the Password! Check it if you successfully can log in to the account or you can visit the branch you were working.

HRMS offers excellent retiree self-service. Don’t hesitate to make your queries at the bank. You have the right to access the self-serve system and manage your account as required.


  1. I have uoloaded MY LIFE CERTIFICATE on 01/11/2023 on PNB Pariwar at 10.54 AM.
    TILL date it is not verified by any branch official.
    When the are going to verfify.

  2. I m unable to open hrms. I got retired on 30.06.2023 from zao meerut.please help
    s k bansal
    pf 51233

  3. I have retired from UBI in 2008 and 1/3 of my basic pension was commuted which will be restored on 1st oct 2023which has been clearly mentioned in my ppo book. In this connection my 2nd commutation was allowed in May 2010 following the increase of my basic pension in view of settlement of 9th bipartite settlement. Here I find that there is no entry of 2nd commutation, nor the date of restoration in my ppo book. I’m holder of spf no 201356 & PPO No 07100/11356/08.I therefore like to know about how to get information regarding date of commutation

  4. I have been retired from pnb on 31 May 2021. How I can get my HRMS login password? My pf number is 1059730.

  5. I am a retired PNBian PF 10920. I am not able to enter. Event CO Bulandshahr couldn’t reset my PW due to some technical hitch. My DOB 23.1957 PAN ADHB 4773 F. Kindly do the needful. Thanks

  6. Unable to open HRMS for retirees and it shows that pass-word expired and no page is showing for change of expired password. Pl help by guiding how to get it operative.

  7. As I retired on 31st Aug. 2021 I am unable to login HRMS site since 1st Sept after retirement. so I am unable to view the pension slip and income tax register for the financial year 2021-22. kindly let me know the procedure to log in.

  8. PNB Parivar HRMS Portal is not working for the purpose for which it has been created. After inserting USER ID and PASSWORD AND verification code, the displayed window only reveals the Personal details. But the Monthly Pension Slip can not be generated. As per set rules, the Income Tax is deducted from the Pension Amount, but the Amount of Total Monthly Pension; Tax deducted at Source and corresponding credit to Savings Account are important to be known for the purpose of Computation of residual portion of Income Tax payable after the deduction of Taxes at Source. However, in absence of availability of the Monthly Pension Slips, such matter remains in dark for the Retirees. We did not face such problems earlier before the merger.
    Retired General Manager, Erstwhile United Bank of India

  9. IT is not understood why PNB HRMS is not addressing the grievance of retirees of PNB, OBC and UBI who face difficulty in opening pnb paribar to check their pension details?
    I am not able to log in to HRMS paribar by using the normal procedure of entering my PF No. as user ID and password as advised by my pension paying branch. The branch also failed in opening the HRMS with my SPF No. and first time PW as directed in the pnb portal. Every time after entering the ID and PW the message comes invalid.
    Please help.

  10. I am obc employee and retired from pnb in December 2020.My of no. Is 1066391. As and when I try to open hrms msg reflects either login I’d or password is incorrect while I am entering the password as my dob

  11. I m a retired employee of PNB. My pf no is 0031136. But I cannot log in in hrms. My new pw is Jkvyas@0504 do the needful

  12. I am retired from PNB in july 2017 with pf 3993 and tried to log in HRMS portal as instructed putting 00 before my pf no and PW pnb@ PANmonthyear. Please inform how to load investment detail.

  13. I am a retired pension my pf no is 20060 i am not able to log in hrms pensioners. my savings not able to enter income tax purpose

  14. I am a retiree from PNB and retired a long time back in 1999. My PF number is 1252. Fir the last so many days I am trying to open PNB Parivar’s new version but to date could not succeed.

  15. I am an retired employee from United bank of India. My PF no. was 15192.
    While logging to PNB HRMS, I have put my User ID as 2015192 (as instructed to put 20 for UBI employee) and password pnb@PANDDMM(pan and date and month of birth) as mentioned on website
    I have attempted 6 – 7 times but every time it says ” UserID /or PassWord are Invalid “

  16. A lot of comments posted here and most are deprived of the HRMS login. Unable to log in for reasons not known to them. I would like to know when this issue will be escalated? PF 58247

  17. For the last more than one month, I am trying to open PNB Parivar. But cannot succeed. I am a retired PNB Ian. My PF NUMBER 48369

  18. I am a retired employee. My PF.6895 I am unable to Login HRMs.While logging message shows No Data Available even the branch head is unable to Reset. Plz guide me.

  19. I am a retired(VRS) sr. A manager from IBB, NEW DELHI D-2254
    tried to log in to HRMS as usual but unable to do so.
    The last log-in was around when arrears were paid.
    Pl help and advise.

  20. I was already a member of pnb Parivar and was filling my yearly investment detail. But today when I try to fill up my investment detail app is not opening. Pl guide how it will open. I can’t visit the branch due to Covid-19 pandemic. Pl help.


  21. I am a retired Indian.I am unable to log in at PB Parivar app and I want the annual medical checkup circular pls help

    • I am a PNB VRS-2000 retiree with PF 19845. I could download and register myself on PNB Parivar on my mobile, but the app is not working. after applying PIN & OTP the screen goes off. Please help me to use this useful app for retirees.

      Subhash Chandra Sharma
      Ex-CM BO Fountain chowk. Gurugram

  22. I retired on 30.04.2019 as ISA from ZO Panchkula. My HRMS is not opening for the last two months. My PF no is 41123

  23. I’m a retired officer of eUBI. My PPO No is 19811/26687/19. I have received Rs.7204.00 and Rs.23635.00 less pension for the month of Feb/21 and March/21. Please arrange to pay my fewer amounts ( ₹ 7204+23635=30839.00) immediately.
    Mukul Deka
    PPO no 19811/26687/19

  24. My pf no 43006 Mukuleswar fail to open hrms pnb parivar app. Please help me your honour and oblige.

  25. I am retired from PNB BRANCH/ OFFICE- PNB RSETI BUDAUN (SOLID 9168 is Dummy/inactive. I am a retired PNB employee PF No. 55156 After downloading the PNB Parivar app successfully. I am unable to register my PF no.55156 with the app. I tried n number of times. But not getting registered to log in. I am unable to feed my Investment Detail. Kindly solve the issue immediately.

  26. Sir,
    I retired from ZAO-Chandigarh, SOLID-4123 on 31/12/2020 but unable to login in to my HRMS /PNB Parivar menu.
    I am unable to check my monthly pension slip
    You are requested to look into the matter and allow me to open my HRMS menu.

  27. I am a retired employee having pf number 44227 I am not able to register for the Pnb pariwar app. This seems to be a very common problem faced by all retires but after 1andd a1/2 half year I have no help on this

    ON 31-01-2018 NOT ABLE TO OPEN HRMS

  29. I retired from PNB on 381-.081.2020. I could not open HRMS by using my PF No 784792 and my date of birth as password. Please Guide

  30. I retired from the united bank of India. My pf no. is 21243(2021243) I want to access to HRMS portal Pl issued ID and Password

    Thanking you


  32. I have made the request number of times to activate the HRMS
    to enable you to submit the investment details but No response received so far.Once again requested to activate the HRMS since
    I am not getting access to log in. My PF No. is 104763.please help

  33. I am a retired PNB employee. My PF no. is 45929. I have downloaded the PNB Parivar App. When it is to register the message is that there is no data.

  34. I am a retired PNB employee PF No. 10463 After downloading the PNB Parivar app successfully. I am unable to register my PF no.104763 with the app. I tried n number of times. But not getting registered to log in. I am unable to feed my Investment Detail. Kindly solve the issue immediately.

  35. I am a PNB VRS-2000 retiree. I could not register myself on HRMS on my PC. Please do the needful at your end & advice. Secondly on the Mobile app to it is not getting registered. Message generated is “OTP is sent to Mobile “but I don’t receive it.
    Please work on it so that I can get myself registered on HRMS.
    KK BAZAZ, PF -43328 Mobile- 981014051

  36. I am a retired PNB employee PF No. 112514 After downloading the PNB Parivar app successfully. I am unable to register my PF no.112514 with the app. I tried n number of times. But not getting registered to log in. My HRMS is not showing details of monthly pension and TDS details. I am unable to feed my Investment Detail. Kindly solve the issue immediately, so that I may be able to see my pension details.

  37. I am retire on 30 Nov 2019 when I login in hrms shows no data available my pf no is 50240. Pl resolve my issue

    • I am a retired PNB employee. After downloading the PNB parwar app successfully. I am unable to register my PF no.27235 with the app. I tried n number of times. But not getting registered to login.

  38. I am Parminder Singh retired from pnb g t road Khanna d no 0265. My pf no 86064. While I am logging pnb Parivar system shows no data available. Please resolve the issue.

    • My name is Parminder Singh pf no 86064 retired on 31 August 2019 under VRS. The system does not allow to login in Pnb private. The message shows No data available. Please resolve.

  39. I have retired on 30.09.19 and hrms login shows you are not authorised to do this job
    Pf no 49192

  40. My Of 48414 Suresh Kumar retired from Doraha D No. 014300 My HRMS is not accepting my Pf No with the message no Data available.

  41. Sir
    I Lalit kumar jain retired from VKI branch jaipur on 30 april 2019
    My PF no is 42641.
    I have installed PNB PARIVAR on my mobile phone but while I am logging and enter my PF no 42641 & register than the system says no data available
    Please do the needful
    Lalit Kumar Jain
    pH no 9829642653

  42. Only if the mobile number of pensioners is entered in pension cert details page in.HRMS this app will get enabled. And this app cannot be downloaded in iPhones.

  43. I downloaded the HRMS and when entered my PF Number, OTP is not received even after waiting a very long time again and again. Then I deleted the HRMS app. and reloaded the app and then again entered the PF number but still, OTP is not generated/received. My PF No. is 37843.

  44. I have reinstalled pnb Parivar app but OTP is not coming to my employee ID 49786 mobile no. 9096214499. kindly help.

  45. My name is Anil Kumar puri I retired on 30.10.2018 from the nuh branch I am unable to login in hrms please help me so that I mat print form 16 thanka

  46. I am K. LALITHA retired on VRS on 3/12/2010. My PF No. Is 42995. When I logged in to PNB PARIVAR no details were displayed. So I reinstalled the app. Now after typing PF NO. to register it does not move further and not registering also. Please help me to log in to fill up investment details.

  47. Hrms is not working in Mobile.
    PL.check and guide.
    I am ex-employee of PNB retired on 30.09.2018.
    My PF no.45818.

  48. sir
    I Arjun Mehta retired from the bank on 12.02.2019 from Bo Gangoh as manager d no 0679 my pf no is 38878, But till date system does not allow me to open Pnb Parivar hrms on my mobile. after downloading the app, the system demands pf no and after entering pf no system shows no data help me my mobile no is 9837283639


  50. Sir
    I Birjendra Kumar Agarwal (ISA) retired from ZAO Meerut on 31.10.2018.
    My PF no is 68064.
    I have installed PNB PARIVAR on my mobile phone but while I am logging and enter my PF no 68064 & register than the system says no data available
    Please do the needful
    Birjendra Kumar Agarwal
    pH no 9997043553

  51. How can I download the PNB Parivar HRMS for retirees? Some of my friends have successfully downloaded the app and also using.

  52. My pf no is 40479 Investment details is not showing in hrms. Hrms shows no data available pl guide.hrms is not opening in mobile.


  54. I have retired on 28/2/2019 on superannuation ground. I have operated HRMS. But after feeding my PF no it shows no data found. Pl help me to open PNB PARIVAR

  55. I had gone to my Pension paying branch yesterday to give investment details for F.Y.2019-20 but they said HRMS is not working and it will be done next month only.
    TDS will be deducted unnecessarily from Pension for April 19 even though you are not
    coming under the taxable limit. Is there any way you can update from home in HRMS.PF 43237

  56. Sir, I am Birendra Kumar Agarwal retired on 31.10.2018, My PF no is 68064. I have download the App PNB PARIVAR FOR RETIRE, while I am logging with my PF no system says ” no data found”
    Please guide me.

  57. Please change my mobile no as per the following
    Old mobile no 87288-17481
    New mobile no 94944-22116
    Sant ram
    PF no 38489

  58. I am ram pf no 38489 retire from branch manuke(7308) 0n 31-05-2014 kindly reset my password to login to hrms.

  59. I retired on 30th November 2013 my pf no is 105102 date of birth 11 November 1953 I failed to login PNB pariwar Portal, please help

  60. Retired on 30.11.2018. Unable to view pnb Parivar for pensioners… no.50938….dob 20111958…even after entering above particulars I am unable to view and parivar.

  61. I Biswajit Banerjee retired from PNB IIT Kharagpur Branch 387200 on 30.11.2018. My PF no. 55965 and date of Birth 13.11.1958. I am not able to login in HRMS. Please guide. Biswajit Banerjee

  62. I retired as Chief Manager from Credit Administration Division, H.O.New Delhi on 30th June 1996. I have used PF number 20898 as ID and date of birth 12061938 as password but I am unable to log in to HRMS portal. Please help me.

  63. I myself Mrutyunjaya panda, pf no-49961, retired as manager on 31/07/2016 from bo- Mukhura(8799). I am unable to login hrms portal(pensioners).pl reset my password.

  64. I RETIRE from the bank on 31.07.2018. When I log in my pnb Parivar system saying no data available. My pf no 52525
    Pl do the need full so I can open pnb pariwar.

  65. I retired on 30.11.2018 as sr.manager. Till date, I am unable to open my pnb privar for retired employees. Kindly do the needful. PF 50938.

  66. I retired on 31.01.2019,P.F no 32603 I unable to know details of pension paid for Feb. 2019,kindly let me know that how I see the details of monthly pension paid.

  67. I. Name Satish Chander Seth P. F. NO. 106359 retired from G S A D HO DWARKA. PLEASE advise how to log in HRMS.

  68. Sir,

    I am Narendra Kumar Jain, Manager retired from the service of the Bank on 19.09.2018 (VRS). My PF Number is 48252. I am not able to login to PNB Pariwar. Kindly reset my password to login to HRMS.

    With Regards.


  70. Even though I received a one time pin to get access to pnb parivar as a retired employee, I am not able to get access or change my pin .advise.

  71. I am not able to open my account of HRMS pnb parivar MY PF number is 102897 retired from BO NEW Rohtak road my mobile number.

  72. My name is Dinesh Chandra,PF NO 54311,Retired on 31/08/2018. I am not able to log in HRMS and have not received my PPO. Kindly Advice.

  73. Retired from pnb on 30th Nov 2018 with pf no 40871 I tried my best to login hrms for retired employees but failed.

  74. Sir,
    I Beeja Singh Thakur, PF No.25798 request you to reset my hrms login user id & password as it is not working at present. I was retired on 31.12.2013.

  75. PNB Parivar not responding. I want to see notice issued by a bank for Retirees for extension of time up to 15/12 2018 in respect of IBA insurance policy.
    Pl guide.

  76. Pnb mobile app for retired employees no works while registering with my pf no 63173 data not fetched msg appears Pl help in logging.

  77. I Madhu malik pf no 63173 retired as an officer on 30th sept 2018 but while registering in pnb Parivar app when I put my pf no it gives remarks no record pl help me to login in pnb parivar mobile app

  78. I myself Ashok Kumar Jaiswal PF No. 83478, Dt. Of birth 01.01.1956 was retired as an officer on 31.12.2015.
    I am unable to login my HRMS despite filling all the fields correctly. Kindly guide me the same.

  79. I am pnb retired officer retired on 31st may 2017. I cannot access pnb parivar mobile app. I have installed mobile app and entered my PF NO 50042 AND ASKED OTP DELIVERED MY REGISTERED MOBILE NO 9894323930 BUT OTP NOT DELIVERED KINDLY RECTIFY MY PROBLEM.

  80. I retired as Manager on 30.04.2018 from BO: Chhani Vadodara (5988) I wish to open HRMS but the system is not allowing the same. I used my PF as user ID (108484) & password as my date of birth (14/04/1958) but the system does not allow it. What should I do, kindly help or you are requested to make the new password and inform accordingly

  81. I am Shahab Qamar, retired Manager. Long ago I had logged on to PNB Parivar but had not changed the password. Now the HRMS does not open. I want a new password for opening the HRMS and filling in my investment details for FY 2018-19.
    Kindly help me in getting a new password for opening the HRMS of retirees.

  82. Pnb mobile app for retired employees not works, while registering with my PF no. Data not fetched msg appears PL help in logging.

  83. I Harbans Lal Gargretd manager from Bathinda branch (0050), pf no.23666 has been trying to login in hrms, but is not successful. My mobile number no is 9417941195. Please guide me.

  84. TDS ₹2600/- was deducted from my pension for Feb 2018 on 1/3/18 but the same does not appear in form 26 which indicates that the amount is not deposited with Income Tax Department. So please update form 26 or refund the amount to my account. My PF no. Is 32347.

  85. In pnbparivar app is showing Rs15000.00 as other income under pensioner TDS details for PF no 67495 Poonam Khanna. What is this as I have not received anything as other income. Please explain or rectify from the record.

  86. I am Ramesh Bapat retired under VRS-2000. My last assignment was at B/O Nasik Road as a senior Inspector concurrent auditor. My PF account number is 23655. I am a pensioner settled at Vadodara (Gujarat). Despite my best efforts, I am unable to log in HRMS. Not only that even my Bank account where I am getting my pension is not accepting my PF no. and I am deprived of all staff benefits of the rate of interest. My pension paying branch tried its best but failed to rectify this. They have shown their inability to do anything and directed me to contact HRMS. Please guide me for the course of action for redressal of my problem.

  87. I entered my investments in investment details of the mobile app but it is not reflected in pensioner TDS details.

  88. I retired as Sr. Manager on 30.06.2015 from BO: The Mall, Patiala (0390). I wish to open HRMS but the system is not allowing the same. I used my PF as user ID & password as my date of birth (DDMMYYYY) but the system does not allow it. What should I do, kindly help?

    • you can contact your branch from where you retired or the concerned circle office to provide you with a password. Afterwards, you can change password and login.

  89. My PF no.42740.I have tried to login in hrms with password as Date of birth (01071956)but apps do not allow to log in with remark either user id or password mismatch. Please help me. My mobile no. 9971904954.

  90. PNB PARIVAR APP. Introduced by PNB, but this app. is not updated and It registers not opened since the App. Introduced. No email ID available at any place, so we can’t express our views.

  91. I am r.n.sharma and was retired in 2016. I am not able to open hrms. Please help. my pf no 49838

  92. I am Surinder Singh Kajla, the Retired senior manager having PF number 25216. PNB app for retired employees is not opening on my phone. I have taken up the matter with hrms department several times but they do not reply. I have taken up the issue with AGM hrms on 14.05.2018 through the mail but again my problem has not been resolved. Please guide

  93. I retired as Sr. Manager on 30.06.2015 from BO: The Mall, Patiala (0390). I wish to open HRMS but the system is not allowing the same. I used my PF as user ID & password as my date of birth (DDMMYYYY) but the system does not allow it. What should I do, kindly help?

  94. IRudreeshkumarsood woof no21449 retired fromPNB On31032010 date of birth as mobile no 9878873190. Please help me to enable to set my Hrms ac right.,so that to get figures filing my income tax return,2017-18

  95. I retired as Senior Manager (Scale III), But my profile shows my last designation as Manager.I had pointed this anomaly while in service also. But the same has not been updated to date.

  96. HRMS opened for retirees good effort to attach the devoted ex-employee who will prove an asset to the bank and will be fined themselves involved with development in the bank and disseminate the same to customers and future customers

  97. The facility given to retirees for HRMS Login is a good step.But it is not much use until it provides the details of pension paid home booking fill investment details for income tax etc.

  98. I am retired chief Manager having PF No 106125. How can I fill investment details in HRMS from home. pnb parivar hrms app is not otp number is received in regd mobile number -9050154555.

  99. I am retired Sr Manager having PF No 46583. How can I fill investment details in HRMS from home and will get Form-16

  100. Sir
    I am retired pnb employee, pf 45968
    Please guide how to login HRMS.
    Forgotten password

  101. I am a retired officer from P N B Mohan market Pathankot.My P.F account number and date of birth 02/01/1952.I was retired in March 2001.I am not able to log into H R M S

    • I retired from eBay HO Rmd NRe Cell on Jan 2018. Since I am not a pensioner, kindly advise how can I login HRMS.

  102. I am retired PNB Employee having PF No.44513.My HRMS is not showing details of monthly pension and TDS details.Kindly solve the issue immediately, so that I may be able to see my pension details.

  103. PF 48418 want to book Nainital Holiday home procedure kindly be apprised at my email ID [email protected] , a retiree in March 2017 from BO747200 and to whom an application for
    booking of holiday home to be enrouted also be advised.

  104. We are eager to know the progress of the application submitted for concurrent auditor in our Bank. Please action may be intimated by Email too.

  105. After increasing my pension due to officiating Revised PPO not yet sent to me.

    35737 NK saxena

  106. Pf 87229 prepared to leave your esteemed parivar kindly guide . anadee hop abhi baad me nahi . dhanyavad sabhi jankaro ko.

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