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Were you working as staff at Punjab National Bank? Within your service period, you must have come across several modifications in banking services and facilities provided by the bank. PNB not just focuses on providing excellent banking services to its customers!

It also gives high values to its staffs as well as the retirees. If your work period covers 2006 or later period, you must be aware of PNB Parivar or the HRMS Package! PNB introduced HRMS Package for the payroll processing and salary requirements of the bank.

PNB HRMS and the offered services

This system also provides several other useful services. The facilities include attendance, performance appraisal, HR Management Information Management, Employee Selection, Training Management, Employee self-service, leave management and Promotion Process.

This system automatically gathers the data about an employee and generates the pay reports. The bank facilitates the employees to submit leave application online, control over assets and liabilities. The HRMS system offers a flexible framework and provides a plethora of services.

PNB HRMS offers the right to self-serve

Every staff and pensioner must log in to HRMS to avail the facilities and services. If you haven't registered for HRMS, make sure to apply the application to your branch to the officer in charge.

You need to provide your personal and job info including your email ID and mobile number. You will receive the confirmation of activation via message and email. You will receive the unique User ID and Password which is essential to login.

  • Visit the official Net Banking site of PNB and click on Click here to login into HRMS.
  • You will get directed to a new page where you need to enter the User ID and Password in the provided boxes.
  • Enter Your PF Number and Password and click on Sign In button.

pnb parivar hrms login

HRMS is a flexible framework introduced by PNB for its staffs and pensioners. Logging in to your account, you can avail the facilities and services. For pensioners, you can track and calculate various deductions and get updated about the pay reports.

For the new staffs, HRMS offers a one-stop platform to access different facilities and administer the development activities. If you have no access to HRMS, confirm it from your branch!

Pensioners login to PNB HRMS

The retirees must change the login password. Log in using your PF number as the User ID and your date of birth in 'ddmmyyyy' format as the Password! Check it if you successfully can log in to the account or you can visit the branch you were working.

HRMS offers excellent retiree self-service. Don't hesitate to make your queries at the bank. You have the right to access the self-serve system and manage your account as required.


  1. I myself Ashok Kumar Jaiswal PF No. 83478, Dt. Of birth 01.01.1956 was retired as an officer on 31.12.2015.
    I am unable to login my HRMS despite filling all the fields correctly. Kindly guide me the same.

  2. I am pnb retired officer retired on 31st may 2017. I cannot access pnb parivar mobile app. I have installed mobile app and entered my PF NO 50042 AND ASKED OTP DELIVERED MY REGISTERED MOBILE NO 9894323930 BUT OTP NOT DELIVERED KINDLY RECTIFY MY PROBLEM.

  3. I retired as Manager on 30.04.2018 from BO: Chhani Vadodara (5988) I wish to open HRMS but the system is not allowing the same. I used my PF as user ID (108484) & password as my date of birth (14/04/1958) but the system does not allow it. What should I do, kindly help or you are requested to make the new password and inform accordingly

  4. I am Shahab Qamar, retired Manager. Long ago I had logged on to PNB Parivar but had not changed the password. Now the HRMS does not open. I want a new password for opening the HRMS and filling in my investment details for FY 2018-19.
    Kindly help me in getting a new password for opening the HRMS of retirees.

  5. Pnb mobile app for retired employees not works, while registering with my PF no. Data not fetched msg appears PL help in logging.

  6. I Harbans Lal Gargretd manager from Bathinda branch (0050), pf no.23666 has been trying to login in hrms, but is not successful. My mobile number no is 9417941195. Please guide me.

  7. TDS ₹2600/- was deducted from my pension for Feb 2018 on 1/3/18 but the same does not appear in form 26 which indicates that the amount is not deposited with Income Tax Department. So please update form 26 or refund the amount to my account. My PF no. Is 32347.

  8. In pnbparivar app is showing Rs15000.00 as other income under pensioner TDS details for PF no 67495 Poonam Khanna. What is this as I have not received anything as other income. Please explain or rectify from the record.

  9. I am Ramesh Bapat retired under VRS-2000. My last assignment was at B/O Nasik Road as a senior Inspector concurrent auditor. My PF account number is 23655. I am a pensioner settled at Vadodara (Gujarat). Despite my best efforts, I am unable to log in HRMS. Not only that even my Bank account where I am getting my pension is not accepting my PF no. and I am deprived of all staff benefits of the rate of interest. My pension paying branch tried its best but failed to rectify this. They have shown their inability to do anything and directed me to contact HRMS. Please guide me for the course of action for redressal of my problem.

  10. I entered my investments in investment details of the mobile app but it is not reflected in pensioner TDS details.

  11. I retired as Sr. Manager on 30.06.2015 from BO: The Mall, Patiala (0390). I wish to open HRMS but the system is not allowing the same. I used my PF as user ID & password as my date of birth (DDMMYYYY) but the system does not allow it. What should I do, kindly help?

    • you can contact your branch from where you retired or the concerned circle office to provide you with a password. Afterwards, you can change password and login.

  12. My PF no.42740.I have tried to login in hrms with password as Date of birth (01071956)but apps do not allow to log in with remark either user id or password mismatch. Please help me. My mobile no. 9971904954.

  13. PNB PARIVAR APP. Introduced by PNB, but this app. is not updated and It registers not opened since the App. Introduced. No email ID available at any place, so we can't express our views.

  14. I am Surinder Singh Kajla, the Retired senior manager having PF number 25216. PNB app for retired employees is not opening on my phone. I have taken up the matter with hrms department several times but they do not reply. I have taken up the issue with AGM hrms on 14.05.2018 through the mail but again my problem has not been resolved. Please guide

  15. I retired as Sr. Manager on 30.06.2015 from BO: The Mall, Patiala (0390). I wish to open HRMS but the system is not allowing the same. I used my PF as user ID & password as my date of birth (DDMMYYYY) but the system does not allow it. What should I do, kindly help?

  16. IRudreeshkumarsood woof no21449 retired fromPNB On31032010 date of birth as mobile no 9878873190. Please help me to enable to set my Hrms ac right.,so that to get figures filing my income tax return,2017-18

  17. I retired as Senior Manager (Scale III), But my profile shows my last designation as Manager.I had pointed this anomaly while in service also. But the same has not been updated to date.

  18. HRMS opened for retirees good effort to attach the devoted ex-employee who will prove an asset to the bank and will be fined themselves involved with development in the bank and disseminate the same to customers and future customers

  19. The facility given to retirees for HRMS Login is a good step.But it is not much use until it provides the details of pension paid home booking fill investment details for income tax etc.

  20. I am retired chief Manager having PF No 106125. How can I fill investment details in HRMS from home. pnb parivar hrms app is not otp number is received in regd mobile number -9050154555.

  21. I am retired Sr Manager having PF No 46583. How can I fill investment details in HRMS from home and will get Form-16

  22. I am a retired officer from P N B Mohan market Pathankot.My P.F account number and date of birth 02/01/1952.I was retired in March 2001.I am not able to log into H R M S

    • I retired from eBay HO Rmd NRe Cell on Jan 2018. Since I am not a pensioner, kindly advise how can I login HRMS.

  23. I am retired PNB Employee having PF No.44513.My HRMS is not showing details of monthly pension and TDS details.Kindly solve the issue immediately, so that I may be able to see my pension details.

  24. PF 48418 want to book Nainital Holiday home procedure kindly be apprised at my email ID , a retiree in March 2017 from BO747200 and to whom an application for
    booking of holiday home to be enrouted also be advised.

  25. We are eager to know the progress of the application submitted for concurrent auditor in our Bank. Please action may be intimated by Email too.

  26. Pf 87229 prepared to leave your esteemed parivar kindly guide . anadee hop abhi baad me nahi . dhanyavad sabhi jankaro ko.

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