How To Fill SBI Cheque Book For Self Withdrawal

SBI is one of the oldest banks in our country with branches spread in almost every state. You can find an SBI ATM near you no matter where you are in India. Their level of service is impeccable and no wonder lots of people rely on their banking services.

If you have a savings account with the bank then you might need to withdraw money at various circumstances. If you need to self-withdraw money using your SBI cheque and want to know the process then this article is for you. Here we are going to tell you how to fill SBI cheque for self-withdrawal.

There are various ways by using which you can withdrawal money from your bank account – cash withdrawal by filling up bank cash withdrawal form, cash withdrawal using cheque by self-withdrawal method or cash withdrawal from SBI ATM machine using debit card and pin. Self-withdrawal by cheque is one of the widely used methods.

There are five different fields that you need to fill with information in a SBI cheque and below you will find the steps in order:

Date – First of all, you need to mention the date on which you want to withdraw the money. You must enter the digits into different boxes following the correct format which is DDMMYYYY. So, if you want to mention 30 July 2017 you must write 30072017.

Pay – Next you need to ‘write the full name of the person‘ to whom you are allowing to withdraw the money. If you are doing self withdrawal then you must write ‘SELF‘ in the cheque.

Amount in Rupees – Now, you need to mention how much of money you want to withdraw from your account. You must write down the amount decided in words.

For example: if you want to withdraw Rs. 5000 then the correct method to write it is – Five thousand only/-. Make sure you start writing right after where the printed text ‘Rupees‘ end.

Amount in number – In the box, on the right hand side you will also have to mention the amount in numbers. So, write 5000/

Signature – After you have mentioned the amount, you need to do your signature on the place where it says ‘Please sign above‘. It should be exactly like you have in records at the bank. Please make sure there are mistakes because the sign should be clear. There should not be any over writings.

You must also do an additional signature at the back of the cheque to allow the bank authorities to match and verify with ease. Also write down your registered mobile number with sbi below signature (back side only).

Please be very careful when filling up a cheque for self-withdrawal because one mistake can nullify the cheque and make it useless.

When a cheque is written for third party, we always mention A/C Payee at the top so that the amount is credited only to the account of the third person. However when doing self-withdrawal, you must not mention A/C Payee.

We hope the above information helps you with how to fill SBI cheque for self-withdrawal. Keep watching this space for more informational articles like these.


  1. I have an account in sbi my friend gave me a cheque of hdfc bank. I want to withdraw money instead of depositing it into my account. Can I do that? If yes in which banks branch I need to go hdfc or sbi?

  2. Sir, suppose sbi self cheque of my father. Can I able to withdraw money through my father self cheque

  3. sbi any branch my chaq pay self-name withdrawal my employ but sbi withdrawal maximum withdrawal policy.

  4. if it has been mentioned with signature verified and the sign of the second person is there, still do you need to put the name or SELF-mentioned is sufficient.

  5. If a third person is withdrawing money then next to PAY either they should the full name of the third person or it should be Self.

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