Latest ICICI Bank Account Closure Charges 2024

All the banks, whether they be private banks or nationalized banks, allow their account holders to close their respective bank accounts as and when they desire. But for this action, the bank charges an account closing fee to the account holders.

Usually, banks charge closing charges to recover those costs which the bank incurs during the opening of any account. Such costs include an account opening kit, a Chequebook, and a debit card. If you are wondering about the ICICI Bank Account Closure Charges, ICICI Bank charges its customers a closing charge for opting to close their bank savings, current, and Demat accounts.

Reasons for Closure of an ICICI Bank Account

An account holder in the ICICI Bank may choose to close his bank account, i.e., savings bank account, current account, or fixed deposit account, for any of the following reasons:

  • High account maintenance charges and high financial charges
  • A lower rate of interest and Faulty customer care service by the bank
  • The account holder has multiple accounts at the same bank.
  • Account holder’s inability to maintain the minimum account balance that a bank requires the account holder to hold.
  • Reason for demanding the account holder leave the city or state or transfer of the account holder to some other nation.
  • In the event of the death of the account holder, etc.

Any of the reasons listed above may result in the account holder closing their ICICI Bank account. Hence, the account holder must think carefully before making the decision to close his ICICI bank account.

icici bank account closure charges

Closing Charges of ICICI Bank

Type of Account Charges Charges
ICICI Common Savings Account Closure Charges No Charges for closing within 30 days of account opening

Rs.500 for closure during 31 days to one year

No charges after one year of account opening

ICICI Current Account Closure Charges Within 14 days – Nil

Beyond 14 days to  6 months – Rs 1000

Beyond 6 months – Rs 500

ICICI Demat account Closure Charges NIL

Last Updated: 9 March 2024

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In this article, we have explained in detail the ICICI Bank Account Closing Charges. However, ICICI Bank does not charge its customers any closing amount if the account holder closes the ICICI bank account within fourteen days of opening.

But, if the account holder opts to close his bank Current account for any reason between fourteen days of opening his bank account and a period of six months, then ICICI bank charges a minimum amount of 1000 INR as its account closure fee. And if the account holder opts to close his bank account after six months, ICICI bank levies a charge of 500 INR as its account closure fee.

The amount of account closing charges may vary depending on the type of account an account holder has with ICICI bank. In case of any confusion or for more information, an account holder can refer to the bank’s customer care service or he can also visit his nearest ICICI bank branch.

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  1. Very surprise experience by ICICI bank. After opening of account, it took almost 3 weeks to get cheque book. Promises given during opening of account are not kept. In fact BM is not holding responsibilty about promises by staff. Information filled up totally wrong. SMS alerts were transferred to some other number and address was wrong. So courier didnt deliver it to my place. Complaint lodged thru portal but they took it very casually. Send me account closing form.

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