How to Transfer Money From Canara to Other Banks online

Banks have been the ones provided in this world that have made business secure and simple. There are many banks all over the world that are providing various services to people worldwide that include cash deposits, loan services, money transfers, etc. These are very popular services all over the world.

These services have made the lives of people easier. When you live far away from your family and you want to transfer some amount of Christmas or some other festivals, you look for the fastest way of doing that and that is why there are many facilities that the banks provide.

These facilities are expected to be very popular among customers all over the world. Money transfer is one facility that is very popular. It enables people to transfer money from far places to their homes. Canara bank is one of those banks that are known for their services all over the world. There are many instances in life when you really want to make the best. You want to send money to your son studying far away from your hometown and the bank is closed that day.

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What do you going to do? Will you just wait till it opens the next day or uses the money transfer option online? The latter one will be chosen by most of us. We all care for our near and dear ones and that is why these services are the best in the business. There are also other facilities in this bank.canara bank to other bank money transfer

Sending money is very popular all over the world and via the internet, but can you send money via the Internet to some other bank account? Well! This is very much possible in the Canara Bank. You can now transfer money to any bank from your account in the Canara Bank.

These are very trendy services all over the world and there are many people who are looking for these services all the time. Money is very vital for all of us and we all know that there are times when we need cash and look for the fastest way to get it from a friend or family and that is when these services are very handy.

Canara Bank has introduced these services through which you can easily get the amount transferred via banks to any other bank account. It is very simple for you to transfer money Canara bank to other banks via internet banking. There are countless people who are using these facilities to transfer money to banks like State bank of India, Punjab national bank, Hdfc bank, icici bank, Union Bank, IDBI, and other banks of India.

  • The first step is to activate your net banking system
  • This can be done by calling customer care or by filling up a form
  • Once these things are done, link the other bank account to your account
  • Fill up the necessary information and also the password
  • Then get the transaction done
  • You will receive a message in your registered mobile number and your registered email id
  • To make your understanding simpler let’s find out the stepwise procedure to avail of NEFT or National Electronic Funds Transfer in Canara Bank

How to Activate Canara Net banking:

  1. First, download the application from the website
  2. Mention the types of facilities that you want to avail such as the Inquiry facility, View facility, and Funds transfer facility.
  3. Then submit the application to the branch: A password and user ID will be issued to you.
  4. Once the registration process is done, the next thing is to log in. Log in to and go to the Net banking section.

Adding Beneficiary in Canara Net banking account:

To initiate a fund transfer, you need to add the beneficiary account and the details that are required the Account number.

IFSC code

Check out how to add a beneficiary in Canara net banking account

Once the beneficiary account is added then you can transfer the amount to that account.

Steps to transfer Fund From Canara to other banks online:

1. First, visit and log in to your net banking account by entering your user id and password.

canara online banking account login

2. First, click on ‘payments‘ and then click the ‘transfer‘ option from the sidebar.

payments transfer canara bank

3. To transfer money to other banks, select NEFT or RTGS. Here I am selecting NEFT and making a new payment as shown in the image below.

neft transfer canara bank

4. Enter any numeric value as a reference and select your own account in the source account.

select beneficiary canara bank

5. Next, you have to fill in beneficiary details. As you have added beneficiary accounts in previous steps. Now search that beneficiary name and select it. All beneficiary details will be filled in automatically.

canara bank money transfer submit6. Further, you need to enter the amount and select currency. Now select the purpose and description of the transaction, then click the “save and submit” button. Save it as a template with some related name to make future transactions easy.

authorize transaction canara bank

7. Finally, confirm the transaction by entering the transaction password and OTP password that will be sent to your registered mobile number. Your payment will be sent successfully, just save the reference number.

In the first transaction, it will take some time or even a day to get registered. The next transaction will be fast.

These are some of the steps that will help you to get connected with the NEFT system. NEFT is a very popular service among the people. There are many benefits to using this service. Sometimes getting the funds transferred into a bank can be very hectic and long queues can actually be tiresome.

Also in case of an emergency, it is very much essential that you use NEFT to transfer money ASAP. You can do this transfer at any time and form, anywhere and that is why these services are so popular among people.

Canara banks have been doing some of the best services in the banking sector. The main aim to provide excellent customer service has been achieved and that is why the bank is quite popular all over the country.


  1. the worst site cannot transfer funds even after adding beneficiary it says no beneficiary added when we check mange it shows but while transfer it doesn’t, worst site and support

  2. When I transfer money then it says There are no entitlements available for you to perform this transaction

  3. How to add Beneficiary. It is very difficult. While other Banks it is very easy to register and transfer funds to other banks. Make it simple and customer friendly. For Internet Registrations also the steps are very difficult to register.I can’t add Beneficiary id to transfer money to other branch?
    plz. help us..?
    as per ur instructions payments option then side bar transfer available told but transfer is not available in the side bar.

  4. In Kotak, Axis bank we have an option for viewing Imps transaction but in this, we don’t have any option worst service.

  5. Canara bank Andheri west have no staff in the bank. All are absent except bank manager and cashier and two other staff. What can bank manager do? they are employed by govt. and take as much leave. Nobody asks them ? is there any solution? When so many people do not have a job, here the regular staff enjoy and take leave as the like? What Modi govt. can do? Dance? Who will teach them a lesson? Who can sack them? Customers daily come and go after abusing the staff for negligence. What a shame to us? Digital India or Bigital?

  6. I did a transfer from me sbi account to canara bank, amount is rs 300000 after 24 hrs it is not credited what to do in this case

  7. Beneficiary is added online but whenever i try to transfer money a screen displays that there are no accounts available e for this purpose…


  9. I have transferred my account money from canara to SBI.. I have double checked the account number.. But still i cant get the money at SBI

    • Canara Bank beneficiary ID can be any numeric value or Name. You need to add id while adding new beneficiary.

  10. How to add Beneficiary. It is very difficult. While other Banks it is very easy to register and transfer funds to other banks. Make it simple and customer friendly. For Internet Registrations also the steps are very difficult to register.

  11. How to reset password..? I forgot my password.. unable to open my account.. but the thing is it didn’t show any option like forget password or reset password..
    I want to transfer funds..
    Is there any solution on this..?
    Please help..

  12. Tandon is right. I too got struck. Why can’t bank explain this clearly? Beneficiary ID means, how we identify the party whom we will transfer money. So it can be a short nick name

  13. what do you mean by Beneficiary Id in fund transfer? i am really fed up of searching it. please help me. it’s really urgent

    • Canara Bank beneficiary ID can be any numeric value or Name. You need to add id while adding new beneficiary.

  14. I want transfer 5000 rupees how much charge will be deducted from my account .please answer send my email id

  15. when i try to initiate an NEFT transaction page says “There are no entitlements for you to perform this Transaction” what does this mean and how do i solve this problem?

    • Maker/checker authorisation role updated by the branch, but checker (Manage Rules) not defined. Please approach the branch for updation.

      In this go to Fund Transfer or Payment (Corporate) there you can find answer

    • There are no entitlements for you to perform this Transaction” what does this mean and how do I solve this problem?


  16. I too find it difficult and canara bank beneficiary option is not at all there when you click the payment option, no body is guiding properly to do the fund transfer online, very poor website, no use at all for the customers.

  17. I am trying to add State Bank of India account as beneficiary but SBI is not yet mapped. Can any one advise me.

  18. Hi Sir,

    Can you please guide me through email how to fund transfer Canara bank to other banks?

    Please ASAP…

  19. What exactly is the beneficiary. ID in fund transfer form and how can I get it of other account to which I want to transfer money

    • In beneficiary, you have to add receiver bank account number, full name and ifsc code so that you can transfer money through NEFT.

  20. what is MMId After a lot of effort added a beneficiary account. but when i tried to transfer an amount is asks for beneficiary MMId no …How do I get that no? please help.

    • sms CANGENMMID userID MPIN 5607060
      OR Generate using application.
      To get MMID number, please register yourself at Canara bank as follows:
      Select Mobile Registration>Select SMS /Secure Code / IMPS > enter your mobile number > Confirm.
      Select Funds Transfer > IMPS > Generate MMID

  21. in spite of several attempts,I can’t add Beneficiary id to transfer money to other branch. IFSC code of ICICI, Nungamkakkam branchChennai 600034 is not mapped at all. also, we cannot manually enter the IFSC code. this is nth time I have tried.

  22. I have registered a beneficiary in NEFT successfully, I am not able to transfer any funds as I do not get any transfer option available.

    I called so many numbers, nobody gives an answer, only give me another number to contact.

    What a pathetic service. Dont you guys have any customer service number. Dont tell me it is 18004250018. It does NOT work.

  23. How will I transfer fund from my S/B Act to another bank of Maharashtra

    Explain me to do faster this transaction….

  24. Last night I opened my Net Banking account with Canara Bank……

    I would like to transfer fund from my SB A/c to Bombay … another bank…

    How can I do that through my net banking…??
    pl help me in getting it done soon.

  25. मैं लोगिन कर शकता हुं लेकिन मुजे मेरे एकाउन्टमेसे फन्ड अन्य बेंकमें ट्रान्सफर करना है तो वो कैसे कर शकता हुं मुजे अन्य बेंकके एकाउन्टकी डीटैल बेनीफीसरी कैसे की जाती है वो समज में नही आता अन्य Axis बेंकसे मै वो कर शकता हुं लेकिन केनेरा बेंकसे कर नहीं शकता. पहेली बार में लोगिन कर रहा हुं तो कृपया आप मुजे क्या समजा शक्ते है. वो कैसे हो शता है. धन्यवाद

  26. Hello, I am sowmya I have SB bank account in Canara bank, soon I will be shifting to USA, so wanna know can I transfer funds from Canara bank to US bank through net banking.. Please kindly help me through mail..

    • Its not easy to transfer money directly from Indian bank to usa bank. Manager of your bank can better guide you.

  27. How to add the beneficiary account to transfer funds? you made complicated in this regard…PL help me

  28. If i want to Transfer funds NEFT to other bank or within canara bank a/c, how to do it, Kindly advise through email id.

  29. I am having S/B account at Canara Bank. If I want to transfer funds through NEFT to other bank, how to do it.

    Kindly advise.

  30. Hi Friends…
    Please tell me how to make amount transfer from a/c to a/c in the Canara Bank via net banking…

    • The procedure is same for transferring funds whether within Canara Bank or to another bank. You just need to select the appropriate option while adding the beneficiary for funds transfer.

  31. I can’t add Beneficiary id to transfer money to other branch?

    plz. help us..?

    • Please check the name and account number as well as the IFSC code of the beneficiary you are trying to add once more and try again. The beneficiary won’t be added if the Account number doesn’t match with the IFSC code.

      • IFSC code of SBI, SPBB branch, St.marks road is not mapped at all. also, we cannot manually enter the IFSC code. this is nth time I have tried

        • Let the respective bank support staff know this.. They will update the branch IFSC code as all of these IFSC codes are derived from the RBI database. Once the bank updates their branch information at RBI, the IFSC code of the branch in question will be mapped instantly.

  32. My net banking a/cs NAGA2052 & VATS11793 with Canara Bank, Vile Parle(E), Mumbai 400 057 are still not operative for transactions. These were opened on 23rd Sept 2014. In spite of various reminders the issues have remained unanswered and unattended. There has been not even an acknowledgement of the issues.

  33. Canara Bank support team is the worst. They have not been able to make my net banking accounts operative right from September 2014.

  34. I am disappointed with the net banking services of the canara cannot transfer money thru the bank to SBI, since it is not taking IFCS code thru automated selection nor it is allowing typing…their call centre is the worst I have seen, they disconnect the calls in between

    • Hi Lakshmi,

      You should contact the Canara Bank support team and notify them about the issue.

      • Thanks…….I will definitely contact Canara Bank Support team. in case I am successful, I will share the happy news with you all……

      • Rajesh click magnifier in front of IFSC row. A new window will open. Type IFSC at proper place and click search. You will get a list of bank. Select band and click submit. Now all columns are filled automatically.

  35. I have a registered net banking login ID NAGA2052 since Sept 2014 and the same is still not operational for money transfers either to other a/cs in the same branch or to others whose names have been registered under Beneficiary maintenance.
    In spite of all the follow ups the response is zero. Sorry to state that the services of Canara Bank has deteriorated so much that there is not even an acknowledgement to e mails. I am having account since 1972.

    • I fully agree with you. Have found Canara bank net banking is too cumbersome a process and the service at Canara Bank is totally deteriorated. It is worse than a governmet office.No cooperation, no help from the staff. Utterly disappointed. I have been trying to add beneficiary to do fund transfer to other bank account but in vain. It asks for a transaction password .what is this transaction password?why is it so cumbersome only in Canara bank while in other banks it is very very simple process.

      • I stuck with this issue from last 5 days. For every step, another one gets stuck and I have to run to the bank or main office for clarification. No one picks the phones even during working hours. Another problem is that the setting password is quite cumbersome. Though they have several rules on how to give a password (which is good) the system says this is not ok, that is not ok, even though I have followed their rules on it to the ‘T’.
        There is also use of jargon normal people do not understand – for eg. Sweep Option. What is that supposed to mean? If you go the bank they will explain it as if it was very normal verbiage.
        The bank and its services are basically good, but their web services need a lot to be desired.

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