What to Do If Your SBI ATM Card Number Gets Erased?

Nowadays, stuffing one’s wallet with all sorts of transaction cards has become the latest fad. And demonetization has been an added incentive to this trend, thanks to our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Hence, it’s needless to mention the fact that the ATM card number is a sixteen-digit number that comes printed at the front portion of your SBI ATM card.

Due to many reasons, this number can get wiped off from the card, resulting in a heart in the mouth moment. What to do in such a precarious situation? Stay calm and follow the ensuing steps:

1. Try reaching out to SBI Customer Care Executive by dialing any one of these three toll free numbers.

1800 180 1290
1860 180 1290

2. Dial the SBI Card Helpline number and follow the directions given by them. Make sure that you add the STD Code of your area before the helpline number.

sbi atm card number erased

3. Basically, the sixteen-digit ATM number is non-essential, except for the payment procedure in online shopping. So, if you want, you can continue using the same card, provided there’s no complication in doing so. But, if you’re an enthusiastic online shopper, then you’ve to contact your Bank Branch regarding the card number.

4. You can also get another brand-new ATM card by filling up the internet banking form, either online or by visiting the Bank in person. Once the new card is received, block the previous card.

5. Do not harbour thoughts of getting everything done in a jiffy. Each bank has its own mechanism. What one branch swears by, might not be the same for another branch.

Note: Visit the branch from which you had opened your account and notify them about your problem. If they can help you with the number, then it’s great. But, if it doesn’t work out, go for a new card.

Hope the above guidelines would prove effective in dealing with your concern. From next time, try to be a little cautious in matters relating to official purposes, for it’s you who would be at the receiving end.


    • If you have internet banking activated. Login to your account -> E-services -> ATM card services and then try to change the card limit(don’t change it just select the option). And there you can see list of cards issued to you. And the card number displayed will have first and last 4 digits.

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